When it comes to industrial generators, it is very difficult to look beyond Perkins. While many industrial generator brands have come and gone, Perkins has overtime maintained its status among the very best. The brand has been identified for amazing products that boasts top efficiency and great value for money.

Perkins generator prices in Zambia

This post takes a look at some of the brand’s most popular products, highlighting how much they go for in the current market.</p

What are Perkins generator prices in Zambia?

Perkins generators are among the most sought after industrial generators in Zambia today. Their products are readily available and can be gotten in various parts of the country. Here are prices of some of the most common Perkins Industrial available today.

  • Perkins Industrial Generator 15 KVA – KW1. 9 million – KW2.5 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 18 KVA – KW2.4 million – KW2.8 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 20 KVA – KW2.8 million – KW3 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 25 KVA – KW3 million – KW3.4 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 30 KVA – KW3.3 million – KW3.7 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 40 KVA – KW3.5 million – KW4.2 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 50 KVA – KW4.3 million – KW5.4 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 100 KVA – KW5.1 million – KW6 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 150 KVA – KW6.3 million – KW9 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 200 KVA – KW8.4 million – KW13 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 250 KVA – KW10 million – KW20 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 300 KVA – KW15 million – KW22 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 500 KVA – KW18 million – KW28 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 600 KVA – KW23 million – KW30 million
  • Perkins Industrial Generator 800 KVA – KW27 million – KW35 million

There are some factors that affect the variation of the prices listed above. These factors include place of purchase, currency exchange rate and period of purchase. For instance, a Perkins Generator that costs about a hundred thousand in some parts of Lusaka or Lusaka may cost far less, or even more, in other parts of the country. Also, prices of industrial generators tend to go up during festive periods. Therefore, it is possible for a generator to cost KW2 million in the middle and cost over KW3 million towards the end of the year. All these factors have been considered in the estimated price ranges as listed above.

Perkins generator: Things you will not like about the generator 

While the main function of a generator is to serve as an alternative source of power, a complete generator is also judge based on other factors. A complete industrial generator cannot but have some basic features rate them among the very bests. Perkins is one of the very best industrial generator brands in the market today and they stand among the most popular. Here are some of the things you will surely like about Perkins generators.

  • Variety: Perkins industrial generators are available in different types and class. They vary in output power, which means you can get the exact type and class you need regardless of the output rate. You can get one of as low as 15 KVA output rate and one as high as 800 KVA, or even more.
  • Efficiency: Perkins proudly stands among the very best industrial generators in the market today. They are reliable and work proficiently. While we might not say the same as regards the fuel economy, the efficiency is top notch and rates among the best around today.
  • Easy to Operate: One of the most important factors to consider when buying a generator is the ease of use. Usually, industrial generators can be quite difficult to operate and might even require an expert to operate it. Perkins, however, is in a class of its own in terms of ease of use. The Perkins key start industrial generators are extremely easy to use and operate. Most of their generators are well packaged and well built to even allow for more ease of use.
  • Durable: If durability is one thing you consider when buying an industrial generator, then you will definitely be satisfied with the Perkins. All their products boast reasonable warranty. They are also relatively easy to maintain whenever it develops issues although one might require the service of an experienced engineer whenever these issues occur.
  • Value for Money: While Perkins is not necessarily the cheapest industrial generator brand in the market today, one cannot take away the value for the money you get thereafter. Most of their products go for reasonable and economical prices and offer even much more than most other generator brands in several categories. This is one of the core reasons the brand is popular in the market.
  • Products are Safe: Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing an industrial generator. In terms of safety, Perkins get an easy A. Almost all Perkins industrial generators boast world-class safety features that make them safe to use and reduces risk of any kind of accident or fuel leakage.

 Perkins generator: Things you may not like about the generator 

  • Not the Most Silent Industrial Generator in the Market: This is the most notable shortcoming of the Perkins generators. While some of their industrial generators are close to silent when in use, some others make noise when in use which can be disturbing. Many brands in the market do much better in this category.
  • Fuel Economy is not the Best: Generally, industrial generators are not the best in terms of fuel economy. While some Perkins industrial generators are relatively okay in terms of fuel consumption, some are terribly uneconomical.


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