Nearly everyone loves popcorn. Some for its crunchiness, others for its taste and a few for the cool cash they make from running the popcorn business. One of the easiest ways to gain entry into the food service business in Zambia with minimal financial implications is through the popcorn business.

Popcorn machines are very important to prepare delicious popcorn that would be the delight of many, if not all. From hot air poppers to machines with no oil, oven and microwave design, there is a large selection of home and commercial popcorn machines that range from a small to a large popping capacity.

Reasons to buy a Popcorn Machine

popcorn machine prices in zambia

For An Enjoyable Social Gathering

Either in movie theatres, at sporting events or in your home, popcorn is arguably the unofficial entertainment snack. Popcorn is a great snack to have available for parties or BBQ’s; with the simple addition of the popcorn cart, you can turn anyone of your outside events into an awesome time.

For A Healthy Snack Option

If you are a lover of popcorn, you already have more than enough reasons to buy a popcorn machine. Add this to your reason. Popcorn is a healthier option for a snack. Most people love popcorn as a low calorie, healthy snack and having some available is always a big hit. You can determine the amount of butter or salt to be added with respect to your health needs.

Highly Economical

Popcorn machines are cost efficient as they can produce a much higher number of popcorn compared to other alternatives. Most machines have built in vents which allow for moisture to be largely removed, making the popcorn drier and crispier.

Current Prices of Popcorn Machines in Zambia

Below are the different prices of popcorn machines for commercial and home use.

  • Home Popcorn Maker ZMW8,000
  • Popcorn Machine ZMW73,000
  • Football Popcorn Maker ZMW11,500 – ZMW12,000
  • Hot Air Popcorn Maker ZMW8,000 – ZMW10,000
  • Prestige – Cosmetics Popcorn Maker ZMW20,000 – ZMW22,000
  • Commercial Electric Popcorn Machine-250 Volts ZMW112,000 – ZMW123,200
  • Classic Popcorn Maker ZMW27,000 – ZMW30,000
  • Electric Popcorn Maker ZMW15,490 – ZMW20,000
  • Mini Popcorn Machine ZMW 20,640
  • Microwave Popcorn Maker ZMW 1,800 – ZMW 3,200
  • Hot Air Popcorn Maker No 1200W Power ZMW 10,300 – ZMW 12,875
  • Kitchen Popcorn Maker ZMW 5,500 – ZMW 9,000

Factors responsible for the differences in price

The many different styles and sizes of popcorn machines that more often than not, determine the popcorn machine price in Zambia. Location of purchase also adds a variation the price of the machine.

Types of popcorn machines available in Zambia

Depending on your capital and whether you want to start mass production of popcorn, there are two types of popcorn machines.

The manual popcorn machine

This is the type that makes use of gas and requires the maker to turn a handle on the pot from time to time. This type is cheaper than the other one that we all know. It only uses gas and you have the opportunity to make popcorn as you will so long as you have your gas cylinder filled.

Electricity powered popcorn machine

This type depends on electricity (either from a generator or anywhere) for their operation. This obviously is costlier than the manual type discussed above and is more convenient to use. It is not a must that you buy this one if you do not have enough money to start with. This is the common type of popcorn machine that many are familiar with.

Also, there are other types of popcorn machines that make use of both electricity and gas. They are also costlier but more efficient than the two above. After choosing a type of popcorn machine to use, then you will need other equipment such as the sealing machine if you desire to go into mass production.

Finding the Right Popcorn Machine

The basic principles for how a popcorn machine works will essentially be the same between different types. However, there are a number of things that you will want to consider when making your purchase decision.


When choosing a commercial popcorn machine, it is important to understand the way popcorn machines are categorized. A commercial grade popcorn machine is analyzed by the volume of popcorn that it creates during a single popping cycle. Since popcorn machines are categorized strictly by volume, it makes selecting a popcorn machine much simpler.


The size of popcorn machine you should purchase will be determined by the usage of the machine. How much quantity do you want to produce? You can always cook less in a bigger machine.


Does the machine have a tray that separates the kernel from the finished popcorn? You definitely want a machine that has a warming tray if you are going to make popcorn that you are going to eat throughout the evening, instead of right after it is made.


Popcorn machines vary in the number of watts. It is recommended to get a machine with the higher wattage because that will cook the popcorn faster.


For the longevity of the machine and successful cooking results, it is best to go with popcorn machines made with anodized aluminium and tempered glass sides. They give the best heat transfer and relatively easier to clean, and won’t scratch.

Control and safety

Some popcorn machines come with controls and separate switch for different functions instead of just one control. Whatever machine you purchase, put your safety in consideration when it’s in use.

Now you have the option of eating freshly popped popcorn from the comfort of your own home with popcorn machines small enough to sit right atop your kitchen counter. With many homes now including media rooms, owning a popcorn machine is essential in making your movie nights complete. You can’t go wrong when making the choice to invest in one of these jewels.

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