Zambians love for classy and stylish vehicles is one core reason Hyundai has made a significant mark in the automobile market in Zambia today. With lots of amazing automobiles to their name already, the introduction of the Hyundai ix35 only confirm the automobile brand can compete with the best brands in the industry.

In this post, we will look at the core features of the vehicle and how much various versions and models go for in Zambia today.

hyundai ix35 price in zambia

Prices of Brand New Hyundai ix35 in Zambia

As it stands, you can buy a brand new Hyundai ix35 for anything between KW10 million and KW12 million depending on the model. Some other factors including currency exchange rate, custom clearance tariffs and period of purchase also determine the eventual price the vehicle goes for.

Prices of Used Hyundai ix35 in Zambia

The list below shows the latest prices of both foreign (Tokunbo) and locally used Hyundai ix35 cars in Zambia in 2019. The variation in these prices is as a result of some factors which the model of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle, the currency exchange rate at the time of purchase, custom clearance tariffs and other related factors.

Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Hyundai ix35 in Zambia

  • 2010 – 2013: KW2 million – KW3.5 million
  • 2014 – 2016: KW4 million – KW6 million
  • 2017 – 2018: KW6 million – KW8 million

Locally Used Hyundai ix35 in Zambia

  • 2010 – 2013: KW1.4 million – KW2.3 million
  • 2014 – 2017: KW2 million – KW4.6 million

Used Hyundai ix35 are, like most other Hyundai vehicles, sufficiently available in the auto market across the country. Although most of these vehicles do not boast great second hand values, they still have a significant place in the market to date.

Things You Will Like About Hyundai ix35

  • Lovely Handling: Handling is one of the features Hyundai excels in and the ix35 continues the trend. The vehicle’s on-road operation is amazing and you can easily maneuver your way in tight areas. The handling is smooth enough for sport vehicle lovers to appreciate the dynamism. While the vehicle is not very heavy on the ground, the driver will surely appreciate the balance in motion.
  • Lovely Design: This perhaps, is one of the top selling points of the brand. Hyundai ix35, like most other modern Hyundai vehicles, boast lovely design that you are sure to fall in love with. Style oftentimes, is not about size; and again, this vehicle demonstrates that. Hyundai ix35 is unique; its exterior is styled in a way that will attract viewers, especially lovers for classy and stylish vehicles.
  • Efficient Engine: You will appreciate this vehicle even more when you are on the road. The vehicle moves on the road with little to no noise and the outstanding litre engine is chic and efficient. If you are a fan of efficient and smooth vehicles, then you will specially appreciate this vehicle.
  • Cheap: In all fairness, Hyundai ix35 is one of the cheapest vehicles in its category. Given its outstanding features and spec, you’d expect the vehicle to go for a higher price but its competitive price gives it an edge in the auto market in Zambia today. They can be easily maintained and is fuel efficient to a fair extent.

Things You May Not Like About Hyundai ix35

  • Durability: This is one of the few issues users have highlighted about this sedan over the years. While the vehicle is quite easy to maintain, it might lose quality in various aspects including performance and other core areas after a while.
  • Poor Second Hand Value: If you want to own a Hyundai ix35, you should seriously consider this one factor. While you will enjoy the operation and overall performance of the sedan while it lasts, you might face difficulties selling it off if or when need be. Even while you sell it, you most likely would not sell it in a price you would appreciate, as the second hand value is not impressive.
  • Best Options Available in its Category: While the vehicle is relatively affordable, there are better vehicles in its category.

Hyundai ix35: Other Things Worth Knowing

The Hyundai ix35 is obviously styled to appeal to design-conscious vehicle lovers. The mid-size SUV is the first Hyundai model to showcase the brand’s dynamic design language. The vehicle’s angular grille is a particularly characteristic feature, and to the eyes of car lovers, it suits the ix35 well.

There is a noticeable sporty stance to the ix35. Its conical side windows and roofline are intended to create a saloon look, and the smoothly defined headlights and bonnet strakes are anticipated to give the car a more forceful look and feel. The Hyundai ix35 rides more smoothly and firmly than most other soft-roaders in its category. The difference between the two settings that its curbs adopt is quite elusive, with the most obvious variation being a decrease in body roll when you make more demands of its framework.

The mid-range muscle of the 2.0-litre turbodiesel motor will most appeal to ix35 drivers that have picked special interest in the richer end of the model range. With the full 236lb ft of torque obtainable from 1800 rpm to 2500 rpm, it is easy to retain the engine securely in its power band and make the most of the acceleration. Else, the pace is relatively good for a compact SUV of its size and weight, with various test figures corresponding to the brand’s claimed 0-62mph time of 10.2sec.

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