Your list of the best television brands in Zambia is incomplete without the mention of LG. Apart from the fact that the super electronic brand has built a niche for themselves in the industry, they have also ranked among the bestselling brands. Having a television is one thing, owning an LG television is another.

Price of LG 49-inch LED TV in Zambia

LG TVs come in different sizes and display types. In this post, we will take a look at how much LG’s 43 Inches LED television goes for in the current market. We will also note some things you are guaranteed to like about the gadget.</p

Price of LG 49-inch LED TV in Zambia

LG 49 inches LED TV is available in different types. The main difference between these types is the screen display. As it stands, there are two main types available in the market – LG 49-Inch Full HD Smart TV and the LG Ultra HD TV.

The basic 49-inch LED TV can be gotten for between KW120, 000 – KW250, 000 while the 49-inch Ultra HD TV costs between KW230, 000 – KW260, 000. The variation in the prices is as a result of some common factors, which include the place and period of purchase. Factors like the year of production of television do not necessarily affect the prices of televisions. The product can be purchased in LG stores across the country. For ease, they are also available for purchase via online gadget stores.

 Things you will like about LED 49 inches LED TV

  • Top-Notch Picture Quality: It is very difficult to pick a brand above LG when it comes to picture quality. Whether you are watching your favorite football team play, a TV show, a music video, or a program on TV, you can be guaranteed amazing video experience with impeccable picture quality. The 49-inch TV offers even better viewing experience than many others, largely because of its commanding presence and old view. Do you want a TV that gives you an amazing viewing experience? Then the LG LED 49-Inch TV will do you well.
  • Amazing Sound Quality – Your overall viewing experience is incomplete without a top-class sound quality. One of the most notable features of the LG 49 inches LED TV is that the gadget boasts standout sound quality that delivers smoothly even without external sound systems. The sound smoothly blends with the already-great picture quality to guarantee a great TV experience.
  • Strong and Reliable: LG televisions not the only rate among the best because of their standout picture and sound qualities, they have also been appreciated for their durability and overall ruggedness. While it is still very important to be careful with the handling of the TV, you can be sure to use the television for a very long time without losing quality or diminishing in its standard.
  • Features: TVs in recent times have gone way beyond just viewing programs, they offer way more functionality, especially modern televisions like the LG 49-inches LED TV. Some types of LED television boasts lovely features. While the general LED TVs in the category boasts features like Cablecards with TV guide EPG, HD TV experience, and many more, the Smart TVs offer even much more.

Things you may not like about LG 49-inch LED TV 

  • Quite Expensive – LG Televisions are generally expensive. While they are not necessarily the most expensive in the market, there are many cheaper alternatives. Even if these alternatives do not particularly match LG’s quality in terms of picture, video, and sound, they rate fairly well enough to make reasonable options.
  • Scarce– Unlike many other TV sizes, LG’s 49 inches LED TV is not the most common. You cannot walk into any random TV store across the country and expect to find the TV. They are mainly available in specific LG stores. This limitation is mitigated however, by the fact that they can be ordered online via the popular e-commerce stores across the country. This though does not change the fact that the TV is not as readily as many other LG TVs like the 32 inches and 43 inches.

What you should know about LG LED 49 inches television

LG is one of the heavyweights in the electronics market. They have not only cemented their place among the very best in the business, but they have also shown over time that customers can rely on their products anytime any day. Their products have been marked for their durability, top quality, and reliability. They are also very innovative, launching new products and doing their best to satisfy their customers.

The television has been widely applauded for great picture quality and the LED 49 inches television is no exception. While this television is not the most common of their televisions, it is one of their top-drawer products that have been appreciated from all over. These televisions are quite expensive, no doubt, there is however no denying of the amazing viewing experience they have to offer. The Ultra HD version has particularly impressed, competing with other heavyweight products like Sony and Samsung.


LG TV offers viewers almost everything you need when it comes to the viewing experience. Talk about the outstanding picture and video quality, you can be sure to rate LG among the very best in the industry. Their televisions are easy to use, boast lovely system functionality, and overall durability. Based on recent customer reviews and reports, the LG 49 inches LED makes a really great buy in all sense of it.

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