price of startimes decoder in zambia

Price of Startimes Decoder in Zambia

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Cable TVs have been one of the major source of entertainment since their introduction in Zambia. Apart from the fact that they have opened opportunities for Zambians to have access to both national and international channels, cable TVs have greatly enhanced Zambian youth in various spheres including educational, social, health and other informative and entertainment sectors. While most cable TVs are known to operate with a dish or antenna, new cable TVs that don’t require dishes nor antennas have been introduced to the market, one of which is Startimes Cable TV.

Startimes is one of the top rated direct to home (DTH) pay cable TVs available in Zambia. This popular cable TV has given millions of Zambians access to local, national and international TV channels. While the cable TV might not be the most exclusive, it is ranked among the top six in Zambia and boasts of thousands of customers. In fact, startimes is one of the most sought after cable TVs in Zambia. It provides a relatively cheaper but high quality viewer experience.

price of startimes decoder in zambia

This cable TV guarantees an exceptional experience with lots of wonderful channels which include channels dedicated to sports, music, movies, News and happenings around the world, and so on. It also features local TV channels including the national television NTA. The most amazing thing about Startimes is that it does not necessarily require an antenna nor a dish. Provided the decoder is set up within areas covered by the signal, you can be sure to expect nice cable TV flow without any hitch.

As it stands, Startimes is not available in all parts of the country, although they cover major cities and popular areas in the country. Some of the cities they cover include Lusaka, Lusaka, Kano, Aba, Benin, Enugu, Ilorin, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Markurdi, Onitsha, Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Uyo, Yola, Ibadan, and some other popular cities. Plans are being made to extend the coverage to other parts of the country soon.

In this post, we will take a look at prices of various types of Startimes decoders available. We will also consider the different bouquets on the platform and how much they cost.

Startimes Decoder Prices in Zambia

Startimes is one of the most popular cable TVs in Zambia. Its large customer base is a testimony of the quality the it offers. They have reliable signals and connects you to happening in the world of sports, entertainment, information and other spheres all over the world. They also run one of the cheapest and most flexible subscription packages. The fact that dishes and antennas are not necessarily required to access the channels on this platform has only made it more popular among the people.

The decoder, like some other popular cable TVs, come in various ranges. At the moment, there are three basic types of Startimes decoders; the SD decoder, HD decoder and combo decoder. Although these decoders feature the same number of channels and runs on the same subscription package, the major difference is the picture quality and sometimes, signal strength. A standard Startimes decoder comes with a remote, a 10m outdoor antenna and a month free subscription.

Let us take a quick look at the prices of the various Startimes decoders available.

  • SD Decoder: KW8, 000 – KW10, 000
  • HD Decoder: KW10,000 – KW14, 000
  • Combo Decoder: KW12, 000 – KW16, 000

In areas where signals are not so strong, you might need to buy an external antenna to boost the signal strength of the cable TV.

Startimes Packages and Bouquets Prices

As it stands, Startimes officially runs four bouquets. These packages vary in numbers of channels, prices and features. It should be noted that all bouquets are available in all types of decoders. Here are the various packages available on Startimes.

  • NOVA Bouquet: This subscription package is the cheapest of all Startimes packages. With KW900, viewers have access to over 26 local and international channels. The channels include AIT, CCTV News, Channels TV, Child Smile, Cool TV, DOVE TV, Galaxy TV, E-STARS, IQRAA, LTV, MITV, NTA Entertainment, NTA Sports 24, ORISUN, REAL STAR, Silverbird TV, Star Dadin Kowa, STAR KUNGFU, Star Zone, STV Guide, TVC, TVC News, Wazobia TV. Price: KW900 per month
  • Basic Bouquet: This is the second cheapest subscription package on the platform. The Basic Bouquet enables viewer to have access to over 40 local and international channels. These include all channels available on Nova bouquet and some other channels. These channels include Aljazeera, AMC, AMC Movies, AMC Zambia, ANIMAUX, BBC World News, CORE TV News, DTN, Da Vinci Learning, eTV, Nickelodeon, MCS Extreme, FARIN WATA, Nigezie, STAR ONE, STAR CHINESE 2, STAR Novela 1, TBN, Wap TV. Price: KW1,700 per month.
  • Classic Bouquet: This package is set up with the family in mind. It includes channels dedicated to football news, movies, music and other basic spheres. It features over 60 channels including all channels available in Basic Bouquet and other new channels. They include AIT, AMC Movie, AMC Series, BET, CCTV 4, CCTV 9 Documentary, CCTV News, Channels TV, Child Smile, Cool TV, Discovery Science, E! Entertainment, EuroSport News, E-STAR, Fine Living, GET TV, DOVE TV, Galaxy TV, Fox Sport, Fox News, Fine Living, GET TV, IQRAA, iroko Play, JIM JIM LTV, MITV, MTV Base, Nature and History, NTA Entertainment, Orisun, NBA TV, NTA Sports 24, POP, QYou, REAL STAR, Silverbird, Star Africa, Trace Sport Stars, Wazobia TV, TVC News, TVC, Trace Sport Stars, TLC, Tiwa’n’Tiwa, STV GUIDE, Star Zone, Start Sports 2, StarKUNFU, Star Dadin kowa, Star Bollywood TV. Price: KW2,500 per month
  • Unique Bouquet: This is the premium and most expensive Startimes package. This package gives access to all available channels on the platform. There are over 80 channels available on this package. The channels include all channels available on classic bouquet and other new channels. The new channels include AMC movie, Baby TV, Bloomberg Television, Crime Explorer, Fashion TV, FOX, Fox Sports 2, Fx, iRoko World, MSNBC, Nat Geo Gold, QYou, Star Movies 1, True Movies 1, Start Series E1, Start Plus. Price: KW4,200 Per Month

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