If you have spent a chunk amount of money on a pair of top quality speakers, you want to be sure that you will get an audio amplifier that will enhance the sound system to its the maximum quality. The trick is simple, for a great sound system, you need an even better amplifier.  Does this sound strange? If you are familiar with electronics and the functioning of sound systems, you will understand that to enjoy the best of speakers these days, an amplifier isn’t just an option, it is a necessity.

An amplifier is an electronic device that is used to increase the strength of electrical signals. It is mainly used in sound reproduction. It consumes very little power in the process of handling large quantum of energy. It is widely used in television sets, CD players and almost in all devices or instruments that produce and magnify sound. In simplest of terms, amplifiers are sound enhancers.

amplifier prices in zambia

Audio amplifiers come in all different types, shapes and sizes. They use different technologies and have many technical specs. This makes it a tad difficult to pick one. The vast mainstream of today’s audio amplifiers are solid state amplifiers as opposed to more customary tube amplifiers. Audio distortion refers to how much the audio signal is being degraded while passing through the amplifier and is given in percent.

The market has embraced the concept of amplifiers. The fact that they are regarded among the most sought after gadgets, alongside speakers, in the current market highlights the importance of the device in today’s world.

Here, we will take a look different types of amplifiers in Zambia and how much they go for in the current market. We will also take a quick look at factors to consider when buying an amplifier.</p

Amplifier Prices in Zambia

With the need and demand for speakers increasing daily in recent times, it is no surprise to see the amplifier market on the rise. Amplifiers have been a revelation since their introduction into the market. They have been the difference in enhancing sound qualities. They serve as a great sound enhancement tool in whichever sound system them are attached or connected to. They are useful in various spheres and are dynamic in operation. They can use used with radios, televisions, home theatres and various heavy duty speakers.

Amplifiers are not overly expensive. They are available in different power output rates and can be easily connected with the sound systems. Although some of the latest high-tech types available are relatively expensive, you can be sure to get the value for your money. The different types available vary in features, sizes, qualities and overall performance; hence, vary in prices.

Amplifiers can be gotten directly from the various manufacturers across the world. They can also be bought from local distributors in the country. They are also available in electronic stores all over the country. For convenience, amplifiers can be easily purchased online with lots of e-commerce websites boasting of a whole different brands and models of amplifiers.

Let us now take a look at the prices of various amplifiers available in the market today.

Ahuja Amplifiers & Prices in Zambia

  • Ahuja Medium Power PA Amplifier: KW20, 000 – KW25, 000
  • Ahuja Utr-30e Low Power Amplifier: KW14, 000 – KW20, 000
  • Ahuja Utr-30e Power Amplifier: KW38, 000 – KW45, 000
  • Ahuja SSa-250dp PA Amplifier with in0built Digital Player: KW340, 000 – KW360, 000
  • Ahuja SSb-120 PA Amplifier: KW100, 000 – KW120, 000
  • Ahuja SSb-60EM medium power amplifier: KW23, 000 – KW25, 000

Behringer Amplifiers & Prices in Zambia

  • Behringer V-Amp Bass: KW180, 000 – KW220, 000
  • Behringer Headphone Amplifier Ha800: KW65, 000 – KW80, 000
  • Behringer Ha-400 Headphone Amplifier: KW18, 000 – KW20, 000
  • Behringer Inuke NU12000dsp 12000W Power Amplifier: KW300, 000 – KW330, 000
  •  Behringer Inuke NU3000dsp 3000W Power Amplifier: KW120, 000 – KW150, 000
  • Behringer Inuke NU1000dsp 1000W Power Amplifier: KW100, 000 – KW120, 000
  • Behringer Inuke NU6000dsp 6000W Power Amplifier: KW180, 000 – KW230, 000
  • Behringer Ultra Compact Ha-400 Power Amplifier: KW30, 000 – KW35, 000
  • Behringer Europower EP4000 Professional Stereo Amplifier: KW110, 000 – KW130, 000
  • Behringer Europower EP2000 Professional Stereo Amplifier: KW100, 000 – KW120, 000
  • Behringer Europower EP2500 Professional Stereo Amplifier: KW110, 000 – KW120, 000
  • Behringer Europower EP1500 Professional Stereo Amplifier: KW80, 000 – KW95, 000
  • Behringer Amp800 Mini Amplifier: KW45, 000 – KW60, 000

Marshall Amplifiers & Prices in Zambia

  • 50W Combo Amplifier MG50CFX: KW150, 000 – KW170, 000
  • Combo Amplifier MG102CFX: KW260, 000 – KW300, 000
  • Combo Amplifier DSL40C: KW200, 000 – KW240, 000
  • Combo Amplifier MG101CFX: KW270, 000 – KW290, 000
  • Combo Amplifier DSL15C: KW160, 000 – KW180, 000

MEGA Amplifiers & Prices in Zambia

  • Mega Power Mixer Amplifier MSA500U: KW28, 000 – KW35, 000
  • Mega Power Mixer Amplifier MIA350V: KW80, 000 – KW90, 000

Things to consider Before Buying an Amplifier

The various types and brands of amplifiers available in the market today have made it difficult for users to just pick an amplifier and expect it to suit their needs. Amplifiers, whether for sound or power, vary in functionality and overall efficiency. While some are designed for some low power use, some others are designed for more heavy duty functions.

Here are some basic factors to consider when buying an amplifier.

  • Power: This is the first and arguably the most important factor to consider when buying an amplifier. Amplifiers are available in different types and models and vary in power ratings. You should consider what you will be using the amplifier with as not to get one below or excessively above the power required. Getting an amplifier that has far less or more power than needed can have adverse effect on the equipment and affect the overall functionality.
  • Brand: When it comes to sensitive equipment like an amplifier, brand means a lot. There are some brands that are known for their product’s efficiency and most importantly, durability. To be sure you are getting an amplifier that will serve you well, make enquiries about the brand and ensure you get the amplifier directly from the manufacturer or a reliable local distributor.
  • Consider the Size: Amplifiers vary in size. For easy mobility, you should consider the size of the amplifier you are getting. You should also consider your budget as amplifiers vary in prices.

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