If you are tired of seeing boring looking SUVs or you dread the thought of driving one of those but still you want an SUV, then the Ford Edge is for you. This modern SUV is equally classy, savvy and efficient. It is super comfortable and it gives you the sense of being different. The ford Edge is one of the top ranked SUVs in the world.

The construction of this machine started in 2006 in America by Ford Motors. Since then, newer models are released each year with little changes. However, the only major change was in 2015 and since then, not much changes has occurred.

prices of ford edge in zambia

In Zambian roads today, if you observe closely, you will find at least five Ford Edge vehicles in one trip. It is gradually winning the hearts of Zambians this is because, the initial fear of embracing other brands of cars that isn’t Chinese, German or Japanese made is slowly fading. The Zambian populace is becoming more open or maybe the Ford Edge has warmed its way into our hearts.

Furthermore, the Ford Edge is great for individual usage because of its alluring appearance and build. However, it is even more perfect for a family vehicle. It has a seating for five people. The interior is both beautiful and roomy with enough space for passengers to stretch out and relax comfortably. It has a sizeable space for luggage and a split folding rear seat in a situation where you have more luggage.

Despite the amount of luggage, this SUV does not drag in movement. Its body styling, well built chassis and engine strength makes for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

This post is going to be focused mainly on the prices of Ford Edges in Zambia; brand new prices, foreign used “Tokunbo” prices and the prices of locally used ones. This list is not going to be on exact prices rather it is going to be on average prices just to give you an idea of what to expect when you go to shop for your Ford Edge.

It is important for you to note that like every other car brands, Ford Edge comes in trims. In total, there are four trims for the Ford Edge namely; SE, SEL, Titanium and Sport. The SE being the standard version is the cheaper one while the Titanium and Sport are more expensive.

Brand new Ford Edge Price in Zambia

Everyone will like the opportunity to have something new, something that belongs to us first. We like to be the first owners of our cars. If you are such a person and if you have the capacity to get a brand new SUV, then by all means get the Ford Edge. To get a brand new Ford Edge in Zambia, you should have a budget of 15 Million to 25 Million. This price range is affected by some factors;

  • Car model year
  • Trim
  • Foreign currency exchange rate
  • Cost of importation on the seller
  • Custom duties/tariff

Prices of foreign used (tokunbo) Ford Edge in Zambia 

  • 2007 Ford Edge === 3 Million Naira – 4 Million Naira
  • 2008 Ford Edge === 3.5 Million Naira – 4 Million Naira
  • 2009 Ford Edge === 3.5 Million Naira – 4.5 Million Naira
  • 2010 Ford Edge === 4.5 Million Naira – 6 Million Naira
  • 2011 Ford Edge === 5.5 Million Naira – 8 Million Naira
  • 2012 Ford Edge === 6 Million Naira – 7.5 Million Naira
  • 2013 Ford Edge === 6.5 Million Naira – 8 Million Naira
  • 2014 Ford Edge === 7 Million Naira – 9 Million Naira
  • 2015 Ford Edge === 12 Million Naira – 14 Million Naira

Prices of locally used Ford Edge in Zambia

The price of locally used Ford Edge varies from car to car. Like the prices of the brand new ones, there are factors that affect these prices and they can either increase or decrease it. These factors includes but not limited to; Car body state (accident history or not), engine capacity and strength, suspensions,  state of the dashboards, car seats, roof and floor.

  • 2007 Ford Edge === 2 Million Naira – 3 Million Naira
  • 2008 Ford Edge === 2 Million Naira – 3 Million Naira
  • 2009 Ford Edge === 2 Million Naira – 3 Million Naira
  • 2010 Ford Edge === 2.5 Million Naira – 3.5 Million Naira
  • 2011 Ford Edge === 4 Million Naira – 5 Million Naira
  • 2012 Ford Edge === 4 Million Naira – 4.5 Million Naira
  • 2013 Ford Edge === 4 Million Naira – 5 Million Naira
  • 2014 Ford Edge === 4.5 Million Naira – 8 Million Naira
  • 2015 Ford Edge === 8 Million Naira – 9.7 Million Naira

Things you’ll like about the Ford Edge

  • Well built chassis – this SUV was/is built keeping in the mind that it could be used for cross country journeys and as such need a well balanced build. It also has a well proportioned body build.
  • Beautiful Interior – whether it is the interior of the standard edition or that of the sports edition, the interior of the Ford Edge is indeed beautiful. It is equally spacious and comfortable with manually or automatically adjustable seats. There are also a couple of handy nooks to keep small items.
  • Spacious cabin – Ford Edge has a spacious cabin of 39.2 cubic feet which can contain reasonable amount of luggage comfortably.
  • User friendly – The Ford Edge has user friendly information and entertainment system and Smartphone integration. It has good navigation screens and the most recent have an 8 inch touch screen that decodes voice commands, swipes and gestures. Its controls are easily reachable to the driver or controller even in motion.
  • Great Engine Performance – Ford Edge comes with three engine options for you to choose from. The SE or standard engine (a turbocharged 2.0 liter) is fuel friendly. For higher acceleration, the V6 engine is available in the SEL and Titanium trim levels. The Ford edge sport edition boasts a twin-turbo 2.7 liter V6 engine.
  • Above average fuel – economy with a standard engine.
  • Smooth, carlike handling

Things you may not like about the Ford Edge

Expensive Parts: the Ford Edge is only just becoming popular in the Zambian auto market, and as such the parts are yet to be in surplus in availability like that of the Toyota or Honda spare parts. Although they are available, they are quite expensive. However, it is good to know that with a Ford Edge, you will not be making frequent trips to the mechanic.

This vehicle model is one of the most technical cars in the automobile market today. Although it would rarely give you mechanical or electrical issues, when it does, it is always difficult to find an expert around that can help resolve the issues. Its parts are not like those of other popular brands and one cannot just use a random part to replace essentials in the vehicle.

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