Every construction project hinges on the successful integration of plumbing systems, as they are vital for water supply and waste management within any structure. It’s imperative to incorporate the cost of plumbing materials and labor into your financial planning.

Understanding the cost of plumbing materials in Zambia is crucial, as prices fluctuate based on material types and brands. This guide will navigate you through the most sought-after plumbing materials in Zambia for 2024, along with their estimated costs.

  • PVC Pipes: Widely used for water supply and drainage, the cost for a 20mm PVC pipe ranges from ZMK 80 to ZMK 120.
  • Fittings: Integral for joining pipes and valves, PVC fittings are priced between ZMK 15 to ZMK 50.
  • Water Meters: Essential for tracking water usage, water meters can cost anywhere from ZMK 1,000 to ZMK 2,000.
  • Shower Heads: A key component of bathroom plumbing, shower heads are typically priced from ZMK 100 to ZMK 300.
  • Bathroom Sinks: Necessary for daily hygiene, bathroom sinks have an average cost ranging from ZMK 500 to ZMK 1,500.
  • Toilets: An indispensable bathroom fixture, toilets vary in style and design, with prices between ZMK 2,000 to ZMK 4,000.
  • Taps: For water access, taps come in various designs and finishes, with an average cost of ZMK 200 to ZMK 500.
  • Valves: To regulate water flow, valves are priced from ZMK 100 to ZMK 500.
  • Water Heaters: For hot water needs, water heaters are priced between ZMK 3,000 to ZMK 10,000.
  • Boilers: Providing hot water for heating, boilers can cost from ZMK 10,000 to ZMK 50,000.

Plumbing in construction involves a diverse array of pipes and materials, each with its own price point. A comprehensive list of plumbing materials for even a modest project can be extensive. Without due diligence, it’s easy to confuse these materials or their associated costs.

prices of plumbing materials in zambia

In this article, we delve into the current prices of plumbing materials in Zambia.

Current Prices of Plumbing Materials in Zambia (2024)

3/4″ PPR pipe70 – 80
1/2″ PPR pipe65 – 78
1″ PPR pipe110 – 130
1/2″ PPR elbow3.5 – 11
1/2″ tee3.9 – 14
1/2″ socket4.5 – 14.8
1/2″ thread plug3.8 – 11.8
3/4″ PPR elbow4.2 – 12.6
3/4″ PPR tee4.5 – 15.5
3/4″ PPR socket3.2 – 15
3/4″ control100 – 125
3/4″ double M/F elbow34 – 73
1/2″ M/F elbow11 – 32
3/4″ by 1/2″ tee100 – 235
3/4″ by 1/2″ elbow100 – 235
3/4″ by 1/2″ socket90 – 340
1″ PPR elbow3.8 – 12.9
1″ PPR socket4.1 – 16.5
1″ PPR union22.8 – 48
1″ PPR adaptor30 – 75
1*3/4″ PPR pipe170 – 180
1*3/4″ elbow12 – 38
1*3/4″ tee10 – 15
1 & 3/4″ by 3/4″ elbow10 -20
1 & 3/4″ by 3/4″ tee10 – 50
1 & 3/4″ by 3/4″ socket10 – 23
1 & 3/4″ elbow12 – 18
1 & 3/4″ clip15 – 35
1 & 3/4″ union PPR35 – 730
1″ PPR air valve80 – 120
1″ PPR adaptor25 – 80
2″ PVC pipe tick110 – 190
3″ PVC pipe tick140 – 220
4″ PVC pipe tick250 – 360
4″ elbow20 – 40
4″ 45-degree bend20 – 60
4″ tee40 – 60
4″ socket20 – 50
2″ PVC elbow12 – 35
2″ 45-degree bend10 – 38
2″ Y tee15 – 20
2″ socket10 – 30
2″ clip10 – 20
4″ clip10 – 30
4″ cap vent20 – 28
Big Abro Gum200 – 300
Thread tape10 – 20
1 & 3/4″ back nut20 – 40
1″ air valve20 – 120

As the table illustrates, material costs are presented as ranges to reflect market variability. This accounts for differences in quality, vendor pricing, and geographic sourcing.

Cost of Plumbing Materials in Zambia: Tips for Getting Good Deals

When sourcing plumbing materials, the risk of overpaying or purchasing subpar products is high. To mitigate this, consider the following strategies:

  • Obtain quotes from multiple vendors to understand the price spectrum. While the least expensive options may seem attractive, they may not always be the wisest choice. Investigate the reasons behind the pricing of more costly options. If it boils down to quality, it’s prudent to invest in these rather than cheaper, inferior alternatives.
  • Purchase from established dealers. Renowned suppliers often provide the most competitive prices, as they have efficient procurement systems that allow them to source high-quality products directly from manufacturers, eliminating middlemen and reducing costs.

Plumbing Materials in Other African Countries

While we’ve extensively covered the prices of plumbing materials in Zambia, it’s also beneficial to understand the cost landscape in other African countries. This comparative analysis can provide insights into regional market trends and potential cost-saving opportunities.

Plumbing Materials in Ghana

Ghana’s construction industry is booming, and with it, the demand for plumbing materials. The cost of plumbing materials in Ghana varies, similar to Zambia, based on the type of material and the brand. For instance, PVC pipes, a common plumbing material, can range from GHS 20 to GHS 50, depending on the size and quality.

Bundle of Zinc Price in Liberia

In Liberia, zinc is a popular roofing material due to its durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. The price of a bundle of zinc in Liberia can range from LRD 8,000 to LRD 12,000, depending on the thickness and quality of the zinc.

Plumbing Materials in Kenya

Kenya’s construction industry is also growing rapidly, leading to an increased demand for plumbing materials. The prices of plumbing materials in Kenya vary widely, depending on the type of material and the brand. For example, the price of a PVC pipe can range from KES 500 to KES 1,000.

Plumbing Materials in Nigeria

Nigeria, being the largest economy in Africa, has a vibrant construction industry. The prices of plumbing materials in Nigeria vary widely, depending on the type of material and the brand. For instance, the price of a PVC pipe can range from NGN 1,000 to NGN 2,500.

By understanding the prices of plumbing materials in different African countries, you can make more informed decisions when sourcing materials for your construction projects. This can potentially lead to cost savings and better quality materials.

Plumbing Materials and Fittings PDF

For those who prefer a more detailed and structured guide, we’ve compiled a comprehensive PDF that lists various plumbing materials and fittings, along with their prices in different African countries. This PDF can serve as a handy reference when planning your construction budget.

Cost of Living in Zambia

While we’ve focused on the cost of plumbing materials, it’s also important to consider the overall cost of living in Zambia. This includes the cost of housing, food, transportation, health services, and other basic necessities. As of 2024, Zambia has a relatively low cost of living compared to other African countries. However, the cost can vary significantly depending on the city and lifestyle.


Understanding the prices of plumbing materials in different African countries can provide valuable insights for construction planning and budgeting. It’s also important to consider the overall cost of living in the country where the construction project is located. By doing so, you can make more informed decisions and potentially achieve cost savings.

What is the average price range for PVC pipes in Zambia?

The average price for a 20mm PVC pipe in Zambia ranges from ZMK 80 to ZMK 120, catering to various water supply and drainage system needs.

What types of plumbing fittings are commonly used in Zambia?

In Zambia, common plumbing fittings include elbows, tees, couplings, valves, and adapters, essential for connecting pipes and valves in any plumbing system.

Are the plumbing tools and accessories available in Zambia durable?

Yes, the plumbing tools and accessories available in Zambia are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability for successful plumbing projects.

How can I determine the correct size of pipes and fittings for my plumbing project in Zambia?

To choose the right size of pipes and fittings, consider the water flow rate, pressure, and specific application needs. Detailed sizing information is available in product descriptions or through expert consultation.

Does Zambia offer plumbing kits for beginners or DIY projects?

Yes, Zambia provides plumbing kits and sets ideal for beginners or DIY enthusiasts, including a variety of commonly used pipes, fittings, and accessories to start plumbing projects.

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