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London  Used iPhone 7 Price in Zambia  + Specs & Review

London Used iPhone 7 Price in Zambia + Specs & Review

Apple iPhones, along with Samsung smartphones, are the most sought after mobile phones in Zambia today. While these phones also rate among the most expensive, they have been widely appreciated for their class, style, and overall functionality. With the brand new versions of these smartphones relatively expensive, many people opt for the London used version,…

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price in Zambia  + Specs & Review

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price in Zambia + Specs & Review

To mark 10 years of releasing one of the most widely loved smartphone series and arguably the most anticipated every year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 in February 2019. The announced lineup includes Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and the Korean giants’ first foldable smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. And…