For several decades, Zambia has been battling with the challenge of an erratic power supply. This explains why generators are among the bestselling products in the country. For companies that have huge electrical demands and homes with lots of power-guzzling appliances, high-end generators are preferred.

Most of these generators, especially the diesel-powered ones, generate a lot of noise and vibrations while in use. And this can have a number of adverse effects on health and the environment over the short and long term. This is why there is an increasing demand for soundproof generators in Zambia.

So, whenever there is a need to reduce noise and vibration to the barest minimum, soundproof generators are your best bet. Virtually all soundproof generators are diesel-powered and can work well for regular or emergency power supply purposes. These generators are best used in office environments, industrial units, hospitals, and other places where noise is an absolute no-no — more especially in places like Lusaka where there are regulations on noise emission.

prices of soundproof generators in zambia

What makes soundproof generators different from other generator types is that they contain a silencer system that absorbs noise and vibration, allowing the system to work silently and with minimal vibration. Because these generators run on diesel, they are cheaper to maintain in the long term because diesel burns more slowly than petrol.

Soundproof Generators & Prices in Zambia

The prices of soundproof generators in Zambia vary based on brand reputation, power output, and other important factors. Here are some of the prices that obtain in the Zambian market at the moment.

  • Sumec Firman 5KVA Diesel-powered Soundproof Generator === KW350,000 – KW450,000
  • Perkins 20KVA Soundproof Generator === KW2,700,000 – KW3,500,000
  • Gateway Power 45KVA Soundproof Generator === KW4,300,000 – KW5,000,000
  • Perkins 30KVA Soundproof Generator === KW3,700,000 – KW4,500,000
  • FG Wilson 30KVA Soundproof Generator === KW3,700,000 – KW4,300,000
  • Gateway Power 36KVA Soundproof Generator === KW3,700,000 – KW4,500,000
  • Lionrock 16.5KVA Soundproof Generator === KW2,800,000 – KW3,500,000
  • Lionrock 12.5KVA Soundproof Generator === KW2,600,000 – KW3,000,000
  • Lionrock 22KVA Soundproof Generator === KW3,000,000 – KW4,000,000
  • FG Wilson P50 45KVA Soundproof Generator === KW4,750,000 – KW5,000,000
  • FG Wilson 20KVA Soundproof Generator === KW3,500,000 – KW4,000,000
  • For higher output generators, scroll down to see the prices of Mikano Generators in Zambia

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Prices of Used Soundproof Generators

As with every other product, you can get the used soundproof generators in Zambia for as little as 30% of the cost of the brand new ones. The price varies based on the number of years for which the product has been used, its condition at the time of sale, the reputation of its manufacturer, and availability of its spare parts. So, a used one that has been used for just a few months and is still in very good condition can go for as much as 75% of the price of new.

Here is a rough estimate of prices of used soundproof generators

  • 5KVA Soundproof Generator === KW120,000 – KW300,000
  • 5KVA Soundproof Generator === KW800,000 – KW2,000,000
  • 20KVA Soundproof Generator === KW900,000 – KW2,500,000
  • 30KVA Soundproof Generator === KW1,000,000 – KW2,800,000
  • 45KVA Soundproof Generator === KW1,500,000 – KW3,500,000

The most accurate parameter for determining the value and extent of depreciation of a used soundproof generator is its number of running hours. This is more accurate than the time of purchase because a 10-year-old generator that has run for only 1000 hours might be truly older but not better than a 2-year-old generator that has run for over 2000 hours.

So, when you’re trying to figure the best choice from a number of used generators, your best bet is to consider the ones with the least number of running hours. They’d be more expensive no doubt, but they will serve you for longer periods. So, don’t get carried away by the time of purchase. The number of running hours is more important.

Bear in mind, however, that buying a used soundproof generator is like playing a gamble. You might end up with an option that you’ll forever be glad you chose, and you might also end up with a generator you’ll forever regret buying. So, we strongly advise you to opt for a brand new soundproof generator whenever you need to buy one.

If you cannot afford the cost of a brand new soundproof generator, then you can check online for used options available for sale. Good places to check include Nairaland and

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