It is easy to see why Sony has become a core part of the gaming world. Sony has not only brought amazing revolution and outstanding creativity into play in the gaming industry; they have also established that they remain a force to reckon with. While their inventions have not only ruled the market over the years, they have also been the most popular and widely played in the world, especially in the western parts of Africa.

PlayStation 3 needs no introduction. This gaming console remains one of the most popular gaming systems in Africa and does not look like going out of the market any time soon. Despite the introduction of a more advanced PlayStation 4, PS 3 still rates among the most sought-after gaming console in major parts of Zambia to date.

ps3 price in zambia

From the HD quality, advanced video and audio qualities down to the outstanding handling and over control, PS3 gives you a feel some mile above PS2. PS3 is a smart combination of amazing video and sound quality that makes the wonderful gaming experience

Have you ever wondered how much PS3 gaming consoles go for in the Zambian market? You are on the right page. In this post, we will take a look at the prices of the PS3 gaming console in the current market. We will consider the prices of the brand new and fairly used versions of the gaming console.

Sony introduced the PlayStation many years ago and the consoles have since then ruled the video game market. The PlayStation 3 was introduced when the gaming industry was becoming a real deal. Released after the largely successful and popular PS 2, play station 3 needed little introduction as the former already opened the floor for the gaming experience. Although PlayStation 4 has been released and has eclipsed the reign of PS3 in recent times, it is still worth looking at the gaming console.

The console is designed after the old model PS 2 but is curvier and quite bulkier. Also, a stylish silver band runs down the disk tray and through the console, giving it a more classy look with an elegant finish. Like most other Sony gaming consoles, PS3 can be easily positioned upright and horizontally and the PlayStation emblem on the disk tray can be easily adjusted to matching whichever position you choose. With the lovely design and support, you wouldn’t be bothered about the console falling off when you place it horizontally.

It is easy to see why the PlayStation 3 has won the market in Zambia. Sony has stunned the market with the introduction of PS1, and PS2 over the past few years, virtually ruling the gaming world and dictating the general gaming industry.  The introduction of PS3 and other latest amazing Sony gaming experience leaves you pondering a question in your mind: Can Sony ever stop being creatively amazing and exciting?

Things You Will Like About PlayStation 3

Efficient: You wouldn’t for once doubt Sony, would you? PS3, like most other Sony gaming consoles, is highly functional and efficient. It runs smoothly and does not hang or skip, a problem some users experiences on PS2.

Affordable: The introduction of PS4 definitely came as good news for PS3 fans. This meant a cheaper gaming console and lesser stress.

Durable: Thanks to its bulky design, PS3 can be used for a very long time without any serious issues. The box is strong and is also quite easy to maintain.

Things You May Not Like About PlayStation 3

The gaming console is gradually running out in the market and it is only a matter of time before the brand-new version gets phased out of the market. So, if you’re a stickler for latest technology, you might want to buy the newer PS4, instead.

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