Rottweilers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in Zambia today. They are also regarded as the most useful as they serve as security dogs and playmates. Unlike make other dog breeds, Rottweilers can easily serve as both a guard dog and a pet. While they require a little more attention and grooming, largely because of their tendency to get wild, they are also very tidy, especially when trained properly.

In this post, we will take a look at how much rottweilers cost in Zambia today.

rottweiler price in zambia

Prices of Rottweiler Dogs in Zambia

Like many other breeds, it is quite difficult to put a generic price tag on rottweilers as there are many factors that determine how much they go for in the market. Generally, it is usually advisable to buy dogs when they are a few weeks old, especially rottweilers. This affords the owner better opportunity to groom the dog the way they want. Hence, we will be focusing on prices of a few weeks old rottweilers.

Generally, rottweiler puppies can cost as low as KW40, 000 and as high as KW200, 000 depending on where you are buying from, the vaccines already administered to the puppy, and many other related factors.

Rottweilers: What You Should Know About the Breed


Be it in Zambia or outside the continent Rotties, as they are popularly called, share the same look. They’re strong, muscular black dogs of medium to large size. With the males weighing between 50kg-60kg, and females

35kg-48kg. When measured from the shoulder (withers), the height stands at 61cm-69cm for males and 56cm-63cm for females. They have long tails at birth but the tails are sometimes removed. They are easily identified by their peculiar black color and brown markings above the eyes, on the cheeks, muzzles, chest, legs, and beneath the tail. The rottweiler’s revealing face, drooping and low-lying ears, together with the shining and brilliant eyes, makes it a beautiful dog to own.


Rottweilers are highly intelligent and confident breeds. Their other traits include a strong instinct to guard and protect, this is due to originally having been bred as working dogs. This has misled people into branding them as an aggressive breed, however, they come off as playful and gentle family pets and are loyal to anyone they perceive as part of their ‘pack’. Rottweilers blossom on stimulation and grasp new commands quickly. They are recommended as good pets for more experienced owners, as previous knowledge of training and handling can be helpful to ensure they grow into well-rounded pets.

Care for Rottweilers Breeds


Feed your dog high-quality food, your Vet can help with good recommendations. If you feed the dog highly nutritious food, you might not bother too much about mineral supplements. You should also be very careful of the human foods you feed them. Choose a food specially formulated for a large breed of dogs. These have the proper ratio of nutrients to build the strong skeletal system these large dogs need.

Note; Wait at least 60 minutes after exercising or four hours before exercising to feed your puppy. If you feed your dog before exercise, he faces the risk of gastric bloat and intestinal twisting.


Take your Rottweiler for at least 30 minute walks every day. This breed of dog like every other dog needs a lot of exercises to release energy and stay healthy and mentally active. Ensure your puppy gets three to five exercise periods each day when they are under six months. As they get older, longer walks are recommended. Dogs get into mischief when they are bored, to avoid this give the dog toys that will stimulate him and keep his mind active.


Rottweilers have short hair that makes grooming easy. Brushing them once a week using a soft-bristled brush will keep his coat healthy and sleek. At this time, you should also check his paws to make sure his nails are short and the pads aren’t damaged. Check between each toe for raw or red spots and look over his skin for lumps or bumps. If you find anything out of the ordinary, talk to your vet. Bathing should be minimized especially at the early stages. Washing with shampoo can break down the protective oil in your dog’s skin. When you do occasionally bathe your puppy, use a dog shampoo. Avoid human shampoos or ordinary soaps.

Housebreak Your New Dog ASAP

Sometimes a pet owner’s biggest challenge is house training his pet.  From the moment your dog gets home, you need to inculcate the culture of eliminating the outdoors. Rottweilers thrive on routine, so you need to teach them and housebreak them from the onset. Some basic things you can do here are setting up a regular schedule of potty breaks along with a proper timetable for meals, exercise, playtime, and sleep. Crate training is considered to be a fairly effective method for potty training your puppy because it teaches them how not to mess where it sleeps.


This is a very important part of dog training because they greatly benefit from early interactions, be it with other dogs, a human being, or an unusual situation. A puppy is a blank slate because he waits for your directions and teachings. So, it is best to use it to your advantage. Spending adequate time with your puppy helps create a strong bond between both of you and fosters trust.

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