Samsung rates among the most sought after gadget brands today and it is easy to see why. Apart from the fact that the brand has built a reputation for manufacturing top quality products, its user-friendly gadgets have won the hearts of many customers.

Samsung 43 Inches LED television is one of the brand’s standout gadgets. It also among the most sought after in recent times. In this post, we will take a look at how much this television goes for and things you will like about the gadget.

samsung 43 inch led tv price in zambia

Cost of Samsung 43 Inches LED TV in Zambia

The Samsung 43 inches LED televisions are among the most sought after Samsung televisions in the market today. Apart from the fact that the size is suitable for most environments, they offer a much better view than smaller ones. Although they are relatively more expensive than the popular 32-inch TVs, they offer so much more in terms of overall viewing experience.

Generally, Samsung 43 inches LED TV comes in different types. These types vary in screen display options. The three basic types are the contemporary 43-inch LED TV , Samsung 43-inch Smart TV and the Samsung 43 inches Full HD LED TV. The basic 43-inch LED TV can be gotten for between KW140, 000 – KW155, 000 while the 43-inch Smart LED TV costs between KW160, 000 – KW180, 000. The Samsung 43 inches Full HD LED TV is the most expensive of the category. It costs between KW180, 000 and KW210, 000.

The variation in the prices is as a result of some common factors, which include the place and period of purchase. It should be noted that factors like the year of production of television does not essentially affect the prices of TVs.

Brand new TVs of the same type cost averagely the same. Also, you can expect prices of gadgets to shoot up during festive periods and towards the end of the year. This makes it possible for a TV to cost KW150, 000 in October and costs KW180, 000 in December. These factors and lots more have been considered in the price range stated above.

The TVs can be gotten directly from the manufactures or Samsung outlets across the country. They can also be gotten online and other conventional electronic gadget stores in the country.

Things You Will Like About Samsung 43 Inches LED TV

Solid Picture Quality: When it comes to picture quality, you rarely find a TV brand that does better than Samsung. Whether you are watching a football match, a TV show, music video, movies or any other similar program, Samsung TV promises you the best experience possible in terms of picture quality. The 43 inches TV adds better spice to your viewing experience with larger view and more commanding presence.

Top-Class Sound Quality – Here is one part people don’t really notice at first but becomes very important with time. What is the point of having an amazing viewing experience when the sound quality is terrible? Samsung 43 inches television not only offers remarkable picture quality, their standout sound quality, which blends perfectly well with the view, makes this a to-have and one of the very best in its category. You will notice the outstanding sound quality almost immediately you put the TV on.

Amazing Features: Televisions have generally gone beyond just viewing programs, you can do a lot more; at least with your Samsung TVs. Depending on the type you are going for, you can enjoy amazing features that will better your overall TV experience. The general types feature CableCard with TV guide EPG, full resolution TV input and lots more, while the Smart TV and Full HD offers much more.

Durable: You judge the strength of a TV by how long they can be used for without having any issues. When it comes to durability, Samsung TVs pass this with flying colours. In fact, all the brand’s televisions and gadgets boast this quality and they do not look like losing that anytime soon. Althpugh it is still essential to be careful with the television, you can be guaranteed to use the television for a long time without it losing its touch of quality in terms of pictures and sound.

Standard Size: Samsung 43 inches television offers a television size that perfectly fits an environment. For a small room, the TV size perfectly brings out the viewing experience and for a large room, it serves as a standard television size.

Things You May Not Like About Samsung 43-inch LED TV 

Relatively Expensive – Do we still need to say this? Samsung gadgets are quite expensive and you wouldn’t expect anything less here. Although as it stands, they may not be the most expensive TV brands in the market, they are way more expensive compared to other brands. One thing I certain though, with Samsung, there is a very high chance you get value for your money.


Samsung TV gives you almost everything you need and will need in a television. When it comes to wonderful video quality, Samsung is among the top three.

Talk about impeccable sound quality, ease of use, system functionality and overall durability, Samsung TVs will rank among the best in any of these fields. Based on recent reviews and customer reports, the Samsung 43 inches Led television should be a great buy in all forms of it.

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