Samsung needs no introduction. From their stylish logo down to their mouth-watering TV designs, you can always tell the elegant brand is up to something amazing. If you see a list of best TV brands in Zambia and you did not see Samsung as one of the top brands, then don’t believe the list. If you still doubt the quality of Samsung, go purchase any of their products, be it mobile phones, home theatres, air conditioning, etc., and use for one day and see if you will still dislike them. Samsung has built a dynasty, a gadget kingdom in which they rule with top quality products.

With their TVs, you need less than five minutes watching it to fall in love with the brand. Samsung TV gives you almost everything you need and will need in a television. When it comes to wonderful video quality, Samsun is among the top three. Talk about impeccable sound quality, ease of use, system functionality and overall durability, Samsun TVs will rank among the best in any of these fields. Their sleek, beautifully designed LED and smart TVs only make this brand more popular among TV lovers. Samsung TVs are one of those few televisions you can solely rely on and wouldn’t let you down.

samsung tv prices in zambia

There wonderful design and user-friendly features make the TVs suitable for every environment. They are not too fragile to be used outside the home, they are perfect for offices, public environments and are just so beautiful that they’d add class to your living room. Do we still need to talk about the incredible features their TVs boast?

Zambians fall in love with style and class; little wonder why Samsung TVs remain among the most sought after TVs in the country. The TVs are available in grades. They are manufactured in different types, sizes and designs. You can get one as small as 24 inches and as large as 85 inches. The beauty of Samsung is that whether you buy the largest or the smallest, you can be sure of absolute quality and get amazing value for your money.

Are you wondering how much Samsung TVs go for in the market? This post is just for you. Here, we will take a look at prices of various Samsung TVs available in the current market. We will also consider why Samsung TVs are graded among the best TVs around.

Prices of Samsung TVs in Zambia

The sleekness of Samsung radiates everywhere; it even reflects in their logo. The company has developed a strong reputation and you can only expect their products, including their TVs, to replicate such excellence. Samsung, just like few other electronic brands, is one of the brands that set their stamp on the electronic market. Till date, they remain one of the most in-demand gadgets in the country.

Just like other TV brands, their televisions come in various sizes, designs, types and grades. They come as LEDs, LCDs and Plasma TVs. The prices of these LG TVs are strictly dependent on lots of factors including their sizes, picture quality, features and general overall performance.

Samsung TVs can be bought directly from the manufacturer or local distributors across the country. They have one of the largest customer bases in the country and lots of local branches. Their TVs are also available in online gadget stores and contemporary suppliers.

Here, we will take a look at prices of various types and models of Samsung TVs available today.

  • Samsung 20 inches LED TV: KW30, 000 – KW40, 000
  • Samsung 24 inches LED TV: KW35, 000 – KW50, 000
  • Samsung 26 inches LED TV: KW45, 000 – KW57, 000
  • Samsung 32 inches LED TV: KW60, 000 – KW80, 000
  • Samsung 32 inches Ultra HD TV: KW73, 000 – KW100, 000
  • Samsung 40 inches Smart HD TV: KW127, 000 – KW147, 000
  • Samsung 43 inches LED TV: KW94, 000 – KW120, 000
  • Samsung 49 inches Curved TV: KW480, 000 – KW650, 000
  • Samsung 50 inches Ultra HD TV: KW350, 000 – KW350, 000
  • Samsung 55 inches Curved Full HD TV: KW390, 000 – KW600, 000
  • Samsung 65 inches smart full HD TV: KW600, 000 – KW670, 000
  • Samsung 65 inches Ultra HD TV: KW700, 000 – KW1, 100, 000
  • Samsung 65 inches QLED TV: KW1, 800, 000 – KW2, 300, 000
  • Samsung 75 inches Ultra HD Smart TV: KW1, 100, 000 – KW1, 500, 000
  • Samsung 78 inches curved SUHD: KW3, 500, 000 – KW4, 000, 000
  • Samsung 82 inches Ultra HD TV: KW2, 300, 000 – KW2, 800, 000
  • Samsung 85 inches Ultra HD TV: KW3, 500, 000 – KW3, 800, 000

It should be noted that the variation in prices is as a result of certain factors which include currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase and other similar factors. Numbers of inches are also factors that affect the prices. The prices of TVs are unstable, although prices have been stable over the last few years. You should also know that prices shoot up in festive periods, especially towards the end of the year. Also, prices vary per location; you can get a TV for KW70, 000 in Lusaka or Lusaka and get the same TV for KW50, 000 in other parts of the country.

Things You Will Like About Samsung TVs

  • Quality Picture Quality: When it comes to picture quality, you rarely find a TV brand that beats Samsung. Whether you are watching a football match, your favourite TV show, music video, movies or any other program, Samsung TV guarantees you the best experience possible in terms of picture quality. Be it LED, LCD or Plasma, get ready for another exciting experience in Samsung TVs.
  • Features: TVs have gone beyond just viewing programs, you can do a lot more; at least with your Samsung TVs. They boast of amazing features that will better your overall TV experience. They feature CableCard with TV guide EPG, full resolution TV input and lots more.
  • Durable: You judge the strength of a TV by how long they can be used for without any issues. Samsung TVs pass this with flying colours. They can be used for a very long time with any issues.

Things You May Not Like About Samsung TVs  

  • They are relatively expensive.

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