Every day, you keep seeing new brands of washing machines, and this leaves you in confusion of which from the numerous brands can be relied on in terms of efficiency and durability. Have you heard of Scanfrost?

Scanfrost electric home appliances are second to none and their washing machines are just portrayals of their excellent production.  Existence of Scanfrost washing machine in Zambian market can be traced back to as far as when washing machines were first being used in the country. So, production of washing machine is not a new pursuit for Scanfrost.

Nothing sucks more than getting frustrated while using an appliance you bought in order to relieve your stress. That is what a bad washing machine can do to you.  All this while, you’ve been undergoing stressful processes in order to have your dirty clothes clean – After   soaking the ones with stubborn dirts, you start scrubbing one after the other, you rinse then drying.

Clothes may take more than a day to dry completely. Purchasing a washing is meant to end all these, but the frustration of a bad option is worse than the stress of not having one.  Trusted brands like Scanfrost are the key to blissful wash.

scanfrost washing machine prices in zambia

Prices of Scanfrost washing machines in Zambia

These are prices and specifications of the various types of scanfrost washing machine available in Zambian markets.

Scanfrost Twin Tube SFMWTTA washing machine


  • 8Kg semi automatic
  • Separate was and spin dryer tube
  • Built in drain pump
  • None detachable top covers
  • Top load

PRICE: KW80,000 – KW90,000

Scanfrost Twin Tube SFMWTTB washing machine


  • 10Kg capacity
  • Two way deep wash action
  • Builtin drain Pump

PRICE: KW84,000 – KW90,000

Scanfrost  SFWMTTC washing machine


  • 12kg Semi automatic washing machine
  • Separate wash and spin dryer tubes
  • Buitin drain pump
  • Non detachable top covers

PRICE: KW120,000 – KW150,000

Scanfrost  SFWD7350 washing machine


  • 7kg washer, 3.5kg dryer
  • Digital display
  • 11 wash fuction option
  • Front load
  • Electric blue finish

PRICE: KW445,000 – KW460,000

Scanfrost  SFWD6000 washing machine


  • 7kg dryer
  • Inbuilt light
  • Mechanical timer option for heating
  • Silver finish
  • Front load

PRICE: KW143,000 – KW150,000

Scanfrost  SFWMTT12 washing machine


  • Top load
  • Non deterchable top covers for safer washing
  • 12kg automatic
  • Separate wash and spin dryer tube

PRICE: KW65,000 – KW85,000

Scanfrost  SFWD6000 washing machine


  • 6kg front load washing machine
  • Silver finish
  • Self clean option
  • Wash programs for syntethic cotton, wool and silk

PRICE: KW195,000 – KW200,000

Scanfrost  SFD7000 washing machine


  • 7kg dryer
  • Silver finish
  • Front load
  • Separate timer option also available
  • Programmable for synthetic cotton and delicate materials

PRICE: KW210,000 – KW250,000

Scanfrost  SFML7001 washing machine


  • 7kg capacity
  • Front load
  • Fully automatic
  • Wash care program
  • Stainless steel top

PRICE : KW165,000 – KW180,000

Scanfrost  SFWMTLZK washing machine


  • 6kg capacity
  • Top loading

PRICE: KW125,000 – 140,000

Scanfrost  SFWMFL8001 washing machine


  • 8kg front loading
  • LCD display
  • Water consumption: 8L
  • Speed: 1200RPM

PRICE: KW196,000 – 220,000

Scanfrost  SFWMFL8001 washing machine


  • 10kg capacity
  • Top loading washer
  • DN function
  • Preset function
  • Fuzzy control function
  • Stainless steel inner drum

PRICE: KW220,000 – KW250,000

Things You Should Know About Scanfrost Washing Machines

Take a look at the features mentioned above, some unfamiliar specifications like front load, top load are mentioned. It is pertinent to quickly mention the edges or advantages of these features as well as their disadvantages too.

Top Loaders


  • They are made with top load designs, decreasing the need for bending over when loading and unloading.
  • Top load washers are not prone to odors as front loaders are
  • They eliminate the need to purchase expensive bases to raise the machines up to a comfortable height


  • They use more water than front loading machine
  • Extra care must be taking when loading for effective wash cycle
  • They have longer wash cycles
  • Usually harsh on clothes

Front Loaders


  • Front loaders use less water
  • When rinsing clothes, front load washing machine don’t have to drain soapy water and then refill with water to rinse as top loader do
  • Front loaders don’t require much detergent
  • They use less energy to wash clothes
  • They are not rough on clothes as top loaders
  • Many front loading washing machine have their own water heater


  • They are usually larger in size
  • They can develop musty odors in the top if not cared for properly
  • Front load washers require bending for loading and unloading.

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