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Zambia, known as the “Gem of Africa”, has a vibrant and diverse economy. The service sector, in particular, has seen significant growth and transformation in recent years. In this article, we delve into the details of the service prices in Zambia for the year 2024, providing a comprehensive guide for locals and foreigners alike.

Telecommunication Services

Zambia’s telecommunication sector has been on a steady rise, with more people gaining access to mobile and internet services. The average cost of a monthly mobile data plan in 2024 is estimated at ZMW 150, while home internet services range from ZMW 300 to ZMW 800 depending on the package and service provider.

Transportation Services

Transportation in Zambia varies from city to city. In Lusaka, the capital city, a one-way ticket on local transport costs around ZMW 5. Taxis, on the other hand, charge a base fare of ZMW 20 with an additional ZMW 10 per kilometer. For those who prefer ride-hailing services, the prices are slightly higher but offer more convenience.

Health Services

Healthcare services in Zambia are provided by both public and private entities. A general consultation at a public hospital costs about ZMW 50, while the same service at a private clinic can cost up to ZMW 300. Medication prices vary widely depending on the type and brand.

Education Services

Education is a key sector in Zambia. The average tuition fee for a public primary school is around ZMW 500 per term, while private schools charge between ZMW 1,500 and ZMW 3,000. Higher education institutions, such as the University of Zambia, charge an average of ZMW 10,000 per academic year for undergraduate programs.


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Remember, “Umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya” – a child who does not travel praises his or her mother’s cooking. So, explore our beautiful country and make the most of the services it has to offer!

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