Shoe making has become a fast-growing industry in Zambia. There is no doubt that the demand for shoes is high and the market is huge. This has led to the proliferation of shoemakers (not cobblers) across the country. However, there is an intensifying competition between foreign shoes and those made locally. Truth is, if you must break even and carve a niche for yourself in the Zambian shoe market, you must get it right from the start.

Getting it right involves using the right equipment, tools and materials. Most importantly, a quality shoe sewing machine is important. This is why this post looks at prices of some of the quality shoe sewing machines on the market. Shoe making involves a very technical process. Also, the material used can sometimes be very tough and would require a tough sewing machine to penetrate. If you’re looking to buy a shoe sewing machine and you don’t know how much you need, you’ve come to the right page. This post will show you the prices of shoe sewing machines in Zambia.

shoe sewing machine prices in zambia

Prices of Shoe Sewing Machines in Zambia

  • SR-810 Professional Single Needle Post Bed Heavy Leather Lockstitch Shoe Patch/Sewing Machine === KW100,000 – KW120,000
  • New Ultrasonic Shoe/Bag/Lace Making Machine === KW150,000 – KW250,000
  • SR-9910 Factory Price Single Needle Flat Bed Industrial Sewing Machine for Shoe Leather === KW150,000 – KW180,000
  • Keestar One/Two Needle Industrial Leather Shoes Sewing Machine 28BL-30 Flat Bed (Set) === KW250,000 – KW400,000
  • DOIT DT-2972 Shoe Wig Ultrasonic Sewing Machines (Set) === KW100,000 – KW200,000
  • WD-8700 Typical Type High Speed Industrial Single Needle Lockstitch Shoe Sewing Machine by WORLDEN === KW20,000 – KW50,000 (Set)
  • TOPEAGLE TSH-2161 Single Chain Heavy Duty Shoe Sewing Machine === KW450,000 – KW750,000
  • Special Offer Single Needle Thick Material Industrial Shoe Sewing Machine === KW80,000 – KW100,000
  • Shide CNC Interlock Shoe Sewing Machine === KW250,000 – KW399,500
  • Side Seam Leather Soles Shoe Sewing Machine === KW350,000 – KW500,000
  • Zhejiang Longtai LT-5550/8500/8700 Lockstitch Shoe Sewing Machine === KW75,000 –KW80,000

Choosing the Right Shoe Sewing Machine

So you’re looking to have your big break in shoemaking. You want to move from handmade shoes to using machines. It is definitely a good step, but everything can go wrong if you don’t even know what you should get. It is important that you have a clear picture of the kind of shoe sewing machine that you need before you even take that step. I will share 5 factors that you must consider while choosing a shoe sewing machine.

First Things First – the Needle: You should know that needles for sewing leather (shoes) are quite different from those used in sewing cotton. It is necessary to look out for a cutting point needle. This is also called a wedge point needle and is more durable than the others used for soft fabric. This ensures it doesn’t break when it goes through leather. Also, the cutting point needle does not create a hole in the fabric but a slit which gives it a better appearance.

Size: While the size doesn’t always matter, it does when you think about how much space you have and what kinds of jobs you will be taking. It is important that you choose the right size that fits your specific needs.

Manual or Electric: While an electric machine may sound very ravy, as it will make work a little easier, you should think about electricity supply. After all, this is Zambia. But if you get enough electricity to own one, it is not such a bad idea. Most people, however, have a special place in their hearts for manual machines and will go for them any day, any time.

Price/Budget: I always tell people that it is extremely important to draw up a budget for anything. If you’re going to buy a new shoe sewing machine, I imagine you have a budget already. The key is to stick to it. You don’t have to buy the most expensive shoe sewing machine. Just get a machine that works for you at a price that you can comfortably afford.

Also, I advise you look out for a cylinder arm (great hold), compound feed (for speed) and walking foot sewing machine. This is especially necessary if you’re looking to take your shoe sewing business to the next level.

While a flatbed machine will do a great job at sewing the seams inside and out, it may not give you the flexibility you need when you’re assembling all the parts and you need to sew. This is another factor you have to consider.

Final Words

It is important to state here that the shoe sewing machines and prices provided here are subject to changes depending on the actual date you’re reading this. Besides, market prices of goods are bound to fluctuate. I hope this post has provided you with all the information you need. Watch out for updates.

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