Seeking the Latest Shoprite Zambia Price List for 2024? Look no further. Our comprehensive guide provides an up-to-date catalog of products and prices from Shoprite stores across Zambia.

Navigating Shoprite’s Extensive Selection becomes effortless with our detailed price list. Whether you’re planning your shopping from Lusaka, Kabwata, or any other location, we ensure you’re well-informed about the cost of foodstuffs, household items, and small appliances. Shoprite’s commitment to affordability and a premier shopping experience is evident in their competitive pricing on a diverse range of products.

shoprite zambia price list

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Shoprite Zambia Price List: Foodstuffs

ProductPrice (Zambian Kwacha)


Golden Penny Semovita 1kg489.99
Golden Penny Semovita 2kg879.99
Mamador Vegetable Oil 4.5lt2059.99
Golden Penny Vegetable Oil 5lt2999.99
Golden Penny Vegetable Oil 1lt699.99
Kings Vegetable Oil 5lt3699.99
Golden Penny Soya Oil1899.99
Active Vegetable Oil 3lt2449.99
Active Vegetable Oil 5lt3499.99
Active Vegetable Oil 1lt819.99
Zeenab Palm Oil 1.5lt1049.99
Zeenab Palm Oil 2lt1289.99
Zeenab Palm Oil 5lt2539.99
Chat Food Palm Oil 3lt2199.99
Ayoola Beans Flour 1kg649.99
Endys Beans Flour 1kg836.99
Endys Yam Flour 1kg559.999
Ayoola Yam Flour 1.8kg799.99
Ayoola Plantain Flour 0.9kg829.99
Ayoola Poundo Yam Flour 4.5kg4599.99
Ayoola Poundo Yam Flour 1.5kg1999.99
Endys Poundo Yam 2kg1679.99
Gari 2kg899.99
Ebulawa Garri 2kg1099.99
Elkris Super Oat879.99
Elkris Super Oat Swallow1299.99
Lintex Rice1199.99
Aoun Rice1149.99
Double T Ofada Rice 5kg5429.99
Double T Ofada Rice 500g599.99
Double T Ofada Rice 1kg1189.99
Indomie Onion Chicken64.99
Indomie Super Pack99.99
Indomie Chicken49.99
Indomie Oriental Fried99.99
Indomie Pepper Soup94.99
Golden Penny Instant Noodles 70g44.99
Golden Penny Instant Noodles 100g64.99
Honey Well Instant Noodles 70g44.99
Power Pasta Spaghetti199.99
Dangote Spaghetti179.99
Golden Penny Pasta Twist249.99
Golden Penny Spaghetti229.99

Shoprite Zambia Price List: Spices & Sauces

Whole Cloves599.99
Cameroon Pepper Spice699.99
Whole Oregano599.99
Yellow Pepper Powder659.99
Lemon Pepper Seasoning599.99
Onion Powder599.99
Pure Ground Pepper Ginger599.99
Aace Foods: Powder399.99
Adobo With Pimento599.99
Spice Supreme: Fish Seasoning599.99
Spice Supreme: Chicken Seasoning599.99
Spice Supreme: Streak Seasoning599.99
Spice Supreme: Barbecue Seasoning599.99
Spice Supreme: Pure Ground Cumin599.99
Spice Supreme: Oriental Five Spices599.99
Aace Foods: Fried Rice Seasoning Powder199.99
Spice Supreme: Fried Rice Spice599.99
Spice Supreme: Ground Cinnamon599.99
Spice Supreme: Jollof Rice Spice599.99
Aace Foods: Tumeric399.99
Chat Foods: Cray Fish1339.99
Chat Foods: Shrimps1339.99
Chat Foods: Stock Fish Flakes1339.99
Chat Foods: Stock Fish Cord1339.99
Cerebos Iodized Table Salt 500g599.99
Cerebos Iodized Sea Salt 500g799.99
Dangote Salt 250g44.99
Dangote Salt  500g89.99
Mamador Chicken Seasoning Cube779.99
Adja Cubes829.99
Royco Cube149.99
Onga Stew84.99
Maggi Star Chicken Flour629.99
Maggi Star Seasoning Powder539.99
Knorr Chicken Cube729.99
Knorr Cube (Regular)529.99
Foodtown: Apple Cider Vinegar1999.99
Wellington: Balsamic Vinegar1999.99
Wellington: Apple Cider Vinegar1399.99
Safari: Brown Grape Vinegar999.99
Safari: White Grape Vinegar399.99
La Mayo829.99
Bama Mayonnaise999.99
Koo: Cherkins999.99
Carmel: Cherkins1079.99
Tuna Marina1169.99
Judy`S: Pickled Onion Strong929.99
Amayi Food:  Sauce Pepper529.99
Dolly`S: Tomato Ketchup549.99
Laser: Tomato Ketchup599.99
Heinz: Tomato Ketchup469.99

Shoprite Zambia Price List: Pet Food & Accessories

Breeder Choice:  Beef Chuner509.99
Breeder Choice: Chicken And Vegetable539.99
Breeder Choice: Chicken With Rice And Veg539.99
Primocao 8kg14999.99
Pulvex: Cat Collar1799.99
Bob Martin: Condition Tablets1599.99
Jo-Jo: Itch Free1469.99
Jo-Jo: Puppy Powder1999.99
Jo-Jo: Antiseptic And Antifungal Medicated Shampoo2449.99

Shoprite Zambia Price List: Insecticides

Doom Crawling Insect999.99
Doom Multi-Insect1299.99
Doom Flying Insect1299.99
Mozzi: Fabric Textile Spray2399.99
Rambo Magic719.99
Good Knight699.99
Mortein Powergard999.99
Mortein Insta899.99
Mortein Mega Save1699.99
Xpel Plug-In2279.99
Peaceful Sleep Plug-In2499.99
Tabard Pack1999.99
Tabard Spray2799.99
Peaceful Sleep Spray2699.99
Mortein Naturgard6599.99
Mortein Peaceful Night1799.99

Shoprite Zambia Price List: Canned Foods

Heinz: Tomato Paste179.99
Heinz: Beanz239.99
Procher: Tool Set2499.99
Cattleman: Corned Meat526.99
Zwan: Chicken And Beef Cocktail Sausages499.99
Zwan: Hotdog Sausages699.99
Zwan: Chicken Luncheon819.99
Aitoghzion: Hot Dogs Beef1499.99
Milo: Sardines179.99
Costa: Sardines249.99
Titus: Sardines239.99

Shoprite Zambia Price List: Kitchen Appliances & Utensils

3 Piece Kitchen Tool Set2999.99
Ge: Lumen Energy Bulb1399.99
Gadgas Bulb1199.99
Jo-Jo: Cable Reel27999.99
4 Way: Extension Cord3999.99
Multi Guard: Extension Cord7499.99
Voltshield: Fridgegaurd10999.99
Binatone: Standing Fan16599.99
Binatone: Ceiling Fan17999.99
Ottimo: Chocolate Fountain23999.99
Otimmo: Toaster7999.99
Binatone: Rice Cooker14999.99
Platinum: Rice Cooker19999.99
Phillips: Rice Cooker24999.99

Shoprite Zambia Price List: Baking Aids & Beverages

Susan: Bakery Cocoa749
Snowflake: Cake Wheat Flour 1kg599.99
Mcnichols: Family Sugar (Cube)329.99
Dangote: Sugar 500g239.99
Dangote: Sugar 250g119.99
Dangote: Sugar 1kg449.99
Golden Penny: Granulated Sugar 500g239.99
Sunola: Sugar Cube329.99
Golden Penny: 90 Cube 500g329.99
Nasco: Cube Sugar 500g349.99
Family: Choc Custard669.99
Family: Vanilla Flavor Custard669.99
Aruba: Cake Mix Chocolate1299.99
Aruba: Cake Mix Vanilla1299.99
Aruba: Cake Mix Strawberry1299.99
Frisco: Coffee2699.99
Stovil: Blueberry Jam1099.99
Moringa: Mc Bee Honey1599.99
Shine Honey1399.99
Shine Honey Moringa3299.99
Blue Band: Butter549.99
Moi: Butter449.99
Golden Morn Maize749.99
Susan: Pure Coca Powder799.99
Nutro Hazelnut229.99
Nutro Strawberry229.99
Nutro Vanilla429.99
Nutro Cream Wafers429.99
Tiffany Cream Biscuilts: Chocolate149.99
Tiffany Cream Biscuilts: Strawberry149.99
Nasco: Strawberry Cream54.99
Twinz: Strawberry239.99
Wafers Strawberry Flavour99.99
Wafers Chocolate Flavour99.99
Lago: Roll Break Cocoa999.99
Lago: Poker759.99
Lago: Party Wafer Vanilla1509.99
Lago: Roll Break Bfragola999.99
Lago: Roll Break Latte999.99
Lago: Party Wafer Lemon1509.99
Lago: Vanilla Wafers2019.99
Lego Ciocco Wafers2019.99
Twinz: Chocolate239.99
Twinz: Vanilla239.99
Nasco: Cornflakes339.99
Coco Crunchies669.99
Milo Tin1299.99
Ginger Crunch Cream669.99
Golden Crunch Cream669.99

Shoprite Zambia Price List: Soft Drinks

Eva Table Water 750ml64.99
Nestle Table Water 600ml54.99
Aquafina Table Water 750ml49.99
Aqua Euro Table Water 500ml46.99
Vita Vera Drink 500ml699.99
Lucozade Boost 1lt449.99
Houssy Aloe Vera Drink Mango 500ml499.99
Okf Smoothie Green 500ml599.99
5 Alive Tropical Juice 350ml129.99
Frutta Juice 1lt269.99
Malta Gold (Canned)119.99
Malta Guinness (Canned)149.99
Veleta Grape Wine 750ml899.99
Eva Grape Wine 750ml1199.99

Other Products

  • Philip Iron === KW9, 899
  • Jug === KW15, 000
  • Mugs (6 Set) === KW699 – KW999
  • Golden Penny oil === KW1, 899
  • Hot Plate === KW9, 999
  • Domino Wine === 10, 999
  • Egg crate === KW899
  • Milo (Sachet Big) === KW1, 299
  • Orange Jam === KW949
  • Paper Foil === KW699
  • Teabags === KW189
  • Brave Heart === KW799
  • Microwave === KW30, 000 – KW35, 000
  • Smoked Cocktail === KW999
  • 5 Alive === KW299
  • Chivita === KW439
  • Monster drink === KW299
  • Vanilla Ice cream (4 liters) === 2199
  • Sandals === KW1, 999
  • Slippers === KW1, 799
  • Lipton 1 pack === KW599
  • Areal detergent 400g ===KW700
  • Milo (20g) x 10 ===KW970
  • There Crown (160g) x 6 === KW1300
  • Golden Penny Sugar Cube === KW320
  • Milo Tin 1kg === KW2,000
  • Golden Morn 1kg === KW1,400
  • Nescafe Classic (25g) === KW230
  • Blue band (bread spread) 250g === KW1200
  • Peak Milk Tin 900g === KW2,400
  • Peak Milk Tin 400g === KW1500
  • Gino Sachet Tomato (10 pieces) === KW1,199

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Where can I find the Shoprite Zambia Price List for 2024?

The most updated Shoprite Zambia Price List for 2024 can be found on their official website or in-store. It’s also available in our comprehensive guide.

Does the Shoprite Zambia Price List include foodstuffs and household items?

Yes, the Shoprite Zambia Price List includes a wide range of products, from foodstuffs to household items and small appliances.

Are the prices on the Shoprite Zambia Price List competitive?

Absolutely. Shoprite Zambia is committed to offering competitive prices on a diverse range of products, ensuring affordability for its customers.

How often is the Shoprite Zambia Price List updated?

The Shoprite Zambia Price List is frequently updated to reflect changes in market prices and to introduce new products.

Can I find information about Shoprite Zambia’s dividends and share prices?

Yes, information about Shoprite Zambia’s dividends and share prices can be found on their official website and in our detailed guide.

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