solar panel prices in zambia

Solar Panels are designed to absorb the sun’s rays and convert the same during the day to generate electricity used in the night.

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Types of Solar Panels price in Zambia

Majority of the solar panels found in Zambia fit in one of the following major three types:

  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline (multi-crystalline)
  • Thin-film

The different types vary in their model, appearance, performance, costs, and installation best suited for each.


Solar Panels price in Zambia
Full solar kits solar panels price in Zambia

  • 50w full solar Kwacha 1,900
  • 100w full solar Kwacha 2,500
  • 150w full solar Kwacha 3,700
  • 200w full solar Kwacha 4,900
  • 250w full solar Kwacha 5,500
  • 300w full solar Kwacha 6,200
  • 400w full solar Kwacha 7,900
  • 1200w full solar Kwacha 18,500

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Solar Panels price in Zambia

Panel complexity and features determine the cost of solar panels in Zambia. It is good to mention that there has been an increasingly competitive price in the market, as several companies offer great market offers. These have contributed to the use of solar energy to become the primary source of energy for more families. The solar energy is verified to be more beneficial with regards to the environment.

There are quite a several companies leading in providing solar panels. Patabay is a trusted online shop that partners with solar panel dealers in Zambia to meet their customers’ needs. Among the companies that partners with Patabay include;

China solar panels in Zambia

The China are the most prominent solar company known globally for their best products of PV components. Some of their factories are fully automatic for the whole end to end process in manufacturing the solar panels; thus, the final product is the best in terms of consistency. As such, the China solar panel industry customers are worldwide. Their solar panels are a bit expensive as products are manufactured in China, then shipped, which is very costly.

Ouyad solar panels prices in Zambia

Ouyad Solar is a group that is among leading suppliers of solar power generating systems. Ouyad solar panels undergo a 100% final check with discrete measurements of electrical parameters, and only the highly efficient modules are allowed to leave the factory. They then go ahead to offer performance data measured at the factory for every solar panel delivered. As such, they can provide solar panels with the industry’s tightest power tolerance.

Ouyad offers a wide range of modules and a broad product portfolio featuring modules for very different applications in grid-connected and off-grid areas. They have demonstrated that exemplary efficiency and very high annual energy yields solar cells, with over 16% guarantees from their solar panel systems.

Ouyad solar panels in Zambia

Ouyad solar panels have been 100% proven to be of high quality and are the most efficient. Ouyad products are more valuable as their solar panels fall between 16.5% and 22.8% compared to the majorities that fall between 14% to 18%. Get here Solar Panels price in Zambia

Ouyad solar panels

Ouyad is the leading water and energy equipment provider. They offer the best photovoltaic systems, an efficient and reliable solar module sourced from global PV module leaders who conform with the highest standards of quality and durability.

Solar Panels price in Zambia

Zambiaprice encourages its customers to use solar panels as by doing so; they will enjoy a variety of advantages ranging from pollution-free, small maintenance fees, noise-free, etc.

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Solar Generator Prices in Zambia

Solar Generator Prices in Zambia

The energy landscape in Zambia is undergoing a significant transformation. With the rising costs of traditional fuels like PMS and diesel, and the inconsistent power supply, which leaves most parts of the country with less than 10 hours of power daily, Zambians are seeking alternative energy solutions. One such solution that is rapidly gaining traction…