Epileptic power supply is a major problem in Zambia and one of the ways Zambians have been solving this challenge is by using alternate power sources.

One of these alternate sources is the use of solar panels. However, with the increased proliferation of solar panels, it is easy to find yourself buying the wrong type because you’re not exactly sure of what you need.

Before we delve into the prices of solar panels in Zambia, here’s brief overview of what it entails to install a typical solar panels or modules in your home or office.

solar panel prices in zambia

The components include a solar panel and a 12V battery rated at 200AH. This can charge panels that have power that range between 125W and 400W panel to full capacity.

When using the panel with power of 125W; you will need multiple panels per battery. You can use 2 or 3 panels per battery depending on your budget and you can add a 0.8KVA inverter.

On the other hand, if you choose to use a 200W panel, you can use 1 or 2 panel per battery, depending on your pocket. The recommended inverter in this case is the 1.5KVA inverter.

You will also need a solar charge controller which limits the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from electric batteries. It prevents overcharging; protect against overvoltage and reduce battery performance or lifespan.

A combination of a solar panel with a power wall inverter and a controller can cost as much as ZMW725000 depending on the number of batteries. For instance, a 5KVA Inverter with four 200AH Batteries and eight 250W Solar Panels cost ZMW1450000. A solar panel battery can cost up to ZMW120,000 per unit.

Solar Panel Prices in Zambia

We have highlighted the most popular solar panel brands and the prices of their modules below.

Su-Kam Solar Panel Prices in Zambia

Su-Kam solar panels are high-efficiency thin-film solar panels that can outperform any conventional solar module.

  • 80W 12V Solar Panel | KW30,500
  • 125W 12V Solar Panel | KW28,000
  • 150W/12V Monocrystalline Panel | ZMW35,000
  • 150W 24V Solar Panel | KW45,000
  • 200W 24V Solar Panel | KW70,000

If you’re new to using a solar panel, you can go for the 200W Monocrystalline Solar Panel which cost ZMW33,000. This solar panel is a starter kit and an excellent option for off-grid applications such as RVs, trailers, boats, sheds, and cabins

Crown Micro Solar Panel Prices in Zambia

Crown Micro is another major solar panel and inverter brand. Founded in 1992, Crown Micro is a manufacturer of enclosures, power supplies, UPS, inverters etc. Below are the prices of the different modules.

  • 250W/36V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module CMSP-M250P | ZMW51,000
  • 300W 24V Solar Panels Monocrystalline | ZMW48,000
  • 80W 18V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module CMSP-M80P| ZMW18,000
  • 250W Monocrystalline Solar Panel | ZMW35,000

Rubitec Solar Panel Prices in Zambia

Rubitec Zambia is a company specialized in renewable energy and one of their most popular products is their solar panel.

These solar modules have been found useful in places like hospitals and remote clinics as well as off-site ATM machines. They are durable and maintenance free.

Below is a list of the prices of Rubitec solar panels

  • 200W 24V Monocrystalline Solar Panel | ZMW30,000 – ZMW40,000
  • 260W Monocrystalline Solar Panel | ZMW50,000
  • 200 W 600V Monocrystalline Solar Panel | ZMW31,500

Unilite Solar Panel Prices in Zambia

Unilite is another prominent solar panel manufacturer. You can find the prices of some of their popular solar panels below:

  • 80W Solar Panel | KW25000
  • 150W Solar Panel | KW35500
  • 200W Solar Panel | KW50000
  • 250W Solar Panel | KW60500
  • 300W Solar Panel | KW70000

Trina Solar Panel Prices in Zambia

Trina Solar is ranked one of the leading solar panel companies in the world. Below is a list of their most popular solar panel products and their prices.

  • Trina 340W Mono Crystalline Solar Panel Module | KW75000
  • Trina 300W Mono Crystalline Solar Panel Module | KW75000 – KW100000
  • Trina 320W Poly Crystalline Solar Panel | KW65000
  • Trina 270W Poly Crystalline Solar Panel | KW50000

Talker Energy Solar Panel Prices in Zambia

Also known as Solar Talker, Talker Energy solar panels are reputable products and they comprise multi-crystal solar cell with an efficiency of over 17%. All Talkers Energy rigid solar panels are constructed using a tempered glass front and a PVF backing to provide maximum protection.

  • Polycrystalline 140W Solar Panel | ZMW33000
  • Polycrystalline 130W Solar Panel | ZMW25000
  • Polycrystalline 100W Solar Panel | ZMW19500 – ZMW21000
  • Polycrystalline 80W Solar Panel | ZMW18500
  • Polycrystalline 60W Solar Panel | ZMW15500
  • Polycrystalline 50W Solar Panel | ZMW12788 – ZMW14500
  • Polycrystalline 40 Watts Solar Panel | ZMW13500
  • Polycrystalline 30W Solar Panel | ZMW9840
  • Polycrystalline 20W Solar Panel | ZMW7500 – ZMW9000
  • Polycrystalline 15W Solar Panel | ZMW5788
  • Polycrystalline 10W Solar Panel | ZMW6899 – ZMW7500
  • Mono Crystalline 130W Solar Panel | ZMW25,000
  • Mono Crystalline 2 x 100W Solar Panel ZMW39,799
  • Mono Crystalline 2 x 80W Solar Panel | ZMW33,800

Sunshine Solar Panel Prices in Zambia

Sunshine solar panels come with a 25year warranty and they come as 50W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W monocrystalline modules

The panel with the highest power is the 350W monocrystalline solar panel which cost ZMW78,000. When combined with a high-grade electrical inverter, it can cost up to ZMW725000.

One of the most popular selections is the 200W 24V monocrystalline solar panel with a price range between ZMW50000 and ZMW55000

Dice Solar Panel Prices in Zambia

The most popular model is the Dice Mono-crystalline Solar Panel 200W/24V. This solar panel is built with mono-crystalline silicon photoelectric cells, the panel converts sunlight directly into electricity with a very high DC supply efficiency and regulation. Some of the key features of the Dice Solar Panel include an unbreakable surface protector, high transparency, mono-crystalline silicon cells, high photoelectricity efficiency and 25 years warranty. The average price of the Dice Solar Panel is ZMW75,000.

Overall, price, performance efficiency and durability are the most important things to consider when choosing a solar panel for your home or office. All solar panels are not created equal so you really need to ensure that the panel you eventually buy is good value for your money.

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