StarTimes is one of the biggest providers of cable TV in Africa. This company has gone beyond just providing us with cable TV. Today, it also provides its subscribers with TVs and even solar TVs.

As you know, solar TVs come in handy when there is a power failure and you don’t have or want to use a generator. In this post, we will discuss the prices of StarTimes Solar TV on the Zambian market. Without further ado, let’s get started.

StarTimes Solar TV Price in Zambia (2022)

Prices of StarTimes Solar TVs in Zambia

Over the last few years, the need to harness solar power has become more pressing more than ever before. Asides from the fact that we have a poor power supply in Zambia, the rest of the world is moving to renewable power. Solar energy is one of the sources of renewable energy and StarTimes has created a product out of this.

There are several StarTimes Solar TVs on the market. While they are all products from StarTimes, they have several differences. The major difference is the size of the TV and the StarTimes decoder bouquets. Also, the prices of these products may differ slightly from what we have on our list due to a few factors. The most important of these factors are location and vendor. Without wasting time further, here are the different StarTimes Solar TVs in Zambia and their prices.

Regular 24-inch Solar TV with the dish – KW226,000 – KW250,000


The package comes with a 90AH battery and 30 watts solar panel. It also comes with lights and DTH Nova Bouquet (free one-year subscription).

Regular 24-inch Solar TV with dish and Smart Bouquet – KW236,000 – KW260,000


This package comes with a 90AH battery and 30 watts solar panel. The Smart bouquet is also free for a year.

Regular 24-inch Solar TV with the dish and DTH Super Bouquet – KW256,000 – KW280,000


This package comes with a 90AH battery and 30 watts solar panel. The DTH Super bouquet comes with a one-year free subscription.

These are the three available solar TV packages from StarTimes for now. To get more details, we suggest that you visit any StarTimes office close to you. Also, you will be required to pay a negotiable amount for the installation of the StarTimes Solar Home System. Usually, this doesn’t cost much, especially when the installer is from StarTimes.

Maintenance Tips For Your Solar Panels

It is no secret that StarTimes Solar TVs come with their solar panels. Maintaining a TV is pretty easy, but not many people know how to care for their solar panels. This is why we have dedicated this section to help you with this information.

  • Never keep your solar panels under a shade. When you do, then their energy production reduces and becomes inefficient. It isn’t rocket science, they are solar panels for a reason, to absorb sun rays.
  • Ensure that your inverters are always flashing green lights. If they are not, then it means that you are losing money. This is because they have ceased to compensate for electricity usage.
  • Inspect your solar panels periodically. This is very important since solar panels are always exposed to dust and debris. It is important to check them for accumulation of such materials and during unexpected climatic changes.
  • Clean your solar panels periodically. There are several steps to take when it comes to cleaning your solar panels. Here are a few:
    • You can make use of a soft clean cloth to wipe the surface. On the other hand, if you like to be meticulous with your cleaning, purchase special solar panel cleaning tools.
    • Never make use of detergent-based cleaners. These materials leave smudges or streaks on the panels. Any of these results in less light passing through the panels.
    • Make use of a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of the solar panels. This helps to get rid of stubborn dirt and oil residue.
  • Check your energy usage frequently. An easy way to do this is to install an energy monitor. This helps you to know if the solar panel is working optimally or not.


There you have it for StarTimes Solar TV prices in Zambia. We have also shown you a few important ways to maintain your solar panels.

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