In a previous post, I have taken care of prices of several inverter types, sizes and products in Zambia. In this post, I’ll pay particular attention to a brand; “Sukam”. If you know inverters and have a knack for quality, you must have come across Sukam inverters one way or another. It is a very popular and top inverter brand for many reasons. In fact, if you’re to mention 5 popular inverter products in Zambia, Sukam has to come to mind.

Located in Ikeja Lusaka, Sukam is an Indian brand that has come to fill the lacuna created by Zambia’s dwindling power sector. But Inverters are not the only things they make. It also specializes in the manufacture of batteries, UPS systems, and other power-generating appliances. Sukam inverters are of different types, sizes and capacities. They are for residential, domestic and industrial purposes.

If you’re looking to get an inverter to cater for your electricity deficit, you might want to consider getting Sukam. But just how much can you get a Sukam inverter? How competitive are the prices? If these are some of your questions, then I’ve got answers for you. Stay with me as I walk you through the prices of the different Sukam inverter models on the market.

sukam inverter prices in zambia

Sukam Inverter Prices in Zambia

Sukam Inverters are available for different prices depending on the size, design and capacity. They range from 600VA to 50KVA for homes (small or large) and for industries too. Let’s take a look.

Prices of Sukam Inverters in Zambia


Price: 750,200.00

The 2.5kva Su-Kam inverter, a super powerful 48 volts inverter, requires at least 4 units of 12V battery. Usually, you will get a battery bank of four 12-Volt batteries that should ideally be deep cycle, sealed, and maintenance-free batteries. The recommended battery capacity is 200Ah. Sometimes though, a lower capacity can be used.

Special features include:

  • 4-200AH battery of SUKAM or any other brand such as Luminous.
  • Mini changeover switch
  • Battery Rack for 4
  • Cable length of at most 10 yards (customer will be required to pay for any additional requirement)


Price: KW537,300.00

Su-Kam’s DSP Sine Wave Inverter is a super silent solution to your power needs. It is in the Colossal Series, and is powered with reliable, efficiently regulated and stabilized Pure Sine Wave Output. It is a total power generation system suitable for all types of organisations. It has the capacity to carry your Lights, Air Conditioners, Lifts and even Elevators.

Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverter is able to supply clean power, purer than what is received from the power grid or source. It is 100% safe to run the most sophisticated, technically complex, expensive and sensitive office appliance or equipment, silently.

Other features include;

  • Reverse battery polarity protection.
  • It is free of spikes and surges.
  • Runs heavy loads.
  • Comes with DSP based PWM technology that uses MOSFET.
  • Fuzzy Logic Charging algorithm that is suitable for all types of batteries.
  • Constant voltage and frequency.
  • User friendly operation and display.


Price: KW2,200,000.00

Talk about a heavy-gauge power appliance and you won’t be far from it. This is a 25KVA sine wave inverter from Sukam’s colossal series. If the 5KVA inverter can power an elevator and air conditioners, just imagine how much you can do with a 25KVA inverter. Mega firms and commercial ventures should consider trying this out. It is already being used as a better alternative to generators at banks/ATMs, petrol pumps, hospitals, and even shopping malls among others.

Other features include;

  • LCD Panel for Input/Output Frequency, Input/Output Voltage, and Output Power.
  • Includes Double Conversion VFI technology.
  • Features authentic Galvanic Isolation.
  • For all 3 phases simultaneously (very useful for monitoring).
  • Output Voltage (380/400/415V) is user settable.
  • Works on any power phase sequence without switching to Battery Mode.
  • RS-232 Interface software.
  • Also features Remote Monitoring analysis & control with the use of Powerdoc Software.
  • The Auto Self test on LCD Panel is amazing.
  • Optional 3-Phase Static Bypass Switch.


Price: KW1,072,500.00

This is another high quality 5kVA 48 volts Sukam inverter that works with 4 units of 5V battery. Again, this battery is ideally maintenance free, deep cycle, and sealed and comes in a bank of four 12-volt batteries. It is another amazing inverter from the Sukam brand. Easy to install, maintain, and comes with a battery rack.

It also features;

  • Constant, uninterrupted voltage and frequency.
  • Smart short circuit protection.
  • User friendly operation and display.
  • Reverse battery polarity protection.
  • Capacity to run heavy loads.
  • Mini changeover switch is included.


Price: KW2,853,000.00

With an ouptut power of 10KVA, this inverter can take care of your large home, office, and organizational needs. It also comes with factory 15 200AH batteries, a rack and free installation. At more than 2.8 million naira, it may appear expensive, but if you consider the effectiveness and benefits, You’d realize it’s not such a bad deal after all. The 10kVA Su-Kam inverter sits in a class of its own. It is a 120 volts inverter that requires 4 units of 5V battery.

Special features include;

  • Cable length of 10 yards maximum. Customer is expected to pay for extra cables.
  • Has no spikes or surges.
  • MOSFET-using, DSP based PWM technology.
  • Includes a Fuzzy Logic Charging algorithm that’s suitable for all types of batteries.
  • Also has an In built TDR point for all compressor based applications.
  • Power fail duration displayed on LCD panel.


Price: N5,739,600.00

This Sukam 15KVA super inverter has all the qualities of a high-quality inverter with an addition of more including;

  • A unique auto self test on LCD Panel, and
  • A factory LCD panel for different remedial actions, as well as water topping alerts.

Final Notes

There are several other sizes around these ones I have reviewed here. They come in different capacities too. These ones represent a good scope of the sukam inverters available on the market and should help you make a good choice.

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