Granite is regarded among the most useful building materials today. They are used for various purposes. Over time, they have been used in contrasting buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, and many other exterior projects. They also have their indoor uses; for instance, polished granite slabs and tiles are used in countertops, tile floors, stair steps and many other interior designs.

The Cost of Granite in Zambia

Granite is a very popular building material for countertops, floors, and other building uses because it is strong and looks good. In Zambia, granite is also a popular choice for construction projects, and its demand has been on the rise in recent years. Here are the top 10 types of granite in Zambia and their respective prices:

1. Tan Brown: ZMW 2,500 per square meter

2. Black Galaxy: ZMW 2,400 per square meter

3. Kashmir White: ZMW 2,300 per square meter

4. Emerald Pearl: ZMW 2,200 per square meter

5. Steel Grey: ZMW 2,100 per square meter

6. Madurai Gold: ZMW 2,000 per square meter

7. Red Multicolor: ZMW 1,900 per square meter

8. Colombo Juparana: ZMW 1,800 per square meter

9. Lavender Blue: ZMW 1,700 per square meter

10. Viscount White: ZMW 1,600 per square meter

It’s important to remember that prices can change based on the seller, the location, and the amount of stock. The cost of installation and fabrication should also be added to the total cost.

One of the advantages of using granite for construction projects is its durability. It is hard, doesn’t scratch, and can stand up to a lot of foot traffic, which makes it a great choice for flooring. Granite countertops are also resistant to heat and stains, making them a useful and attractive addition to any kitchen.

cost of granite in Zambia

In this post, we will consider prices of granites as it is in Zambia today.

What is the cost of granite in Zambia

Granite is one of the dynamic building materials available today.  Apart from the fact they are used for various purposes, they are relatively strong and shiny, making them a great choice for various lovely. Granites may not be the cheapest building material in the market today, but there is no denying the value you get for the money you pay for them

Here are average prices of granites in the market today;

  • 20 tons’ cargo of 3/4-inch Granite – KW85,000 – KW93,000
  • 20 tons’ cargo of 1/2-inch Granite – KW82,000 – KW95, 000
  • 20 tons’ cargo of 1/4-inch Granite – KW70,000 – KW75,000
  • 20 tons’ cargo of Granite stone dust – KW48,000 – KW57,000
  • 20 tons’ cargo of 1-inch Granite – KW85,000 – KW100, 000
  • 7 tons’ cargo of 1-1/4 inch Gravel – KW33,000 –KW43,000

Prices of granites vary. Though they have been quite steady over the past few months, there are still differences in prices because of some factors. For instance, prices of granites tend to increase during some period of the year and they also vary in prices from place to place.  Granites are readily available in the country. They can be acquired in various parts of the country.

Uses of granite

Granite is an igneous rock. It has grains large enough can be visible to naked eyes. There are two main components of granite. They are feldspar and quartz. Apart from these two the other components such as amphiboles, mica etc. are present in small amounts. Granite is used in many outdoor and indoor projects

  • They are Used in Structural construction – Long-lasting structures like temples, gravestones or monuments are usually made of granite. Before the existence of power tools/equipment, granite carving was time-consuming. Also, it was laborious. Therefore the stone was used for important projects only.
  • They are Great of Jewellery – Few granites are rare and amazingly beautiful. So they are used as gemstones. They are used in jewellery. Example of gemstone – blue tint found in Himalayas named K2 Azurite granite is a rare stone and is known as the gemstone.
  • Used for mantle and floor – If you have a fireplace mantle in your living room, then using granite you can make it more attractive. An ordinary fireplace can turn into a centrepiece. An excellent place to get together with friends and family. Also, if you want a perfect flooring, which is smooth and looks good. Then granite tiles will do. There are different colours of tiles. It is the best choice for people who are prone to allergies because it is bacteria resistant. Very easy to clean. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep the flooring in great condition.
  • They are used in designing bathroom, shelves, basins – Using granite for kitchen tops, shelves, tabletops etc makes it look elegant. Apart from elegance, it has great strength and is durable. It looks stylish and is easy to clean. Granite sinks like the under-mount sink, angular basin, modern or pedestals sink are some of the different granite basins available. These are water-resistant and maintenance is also easy.

Popular Questions:

1. Is granite a cost-effective material for construction projects in Zambia?
While granite may be more expensive than some other building materials, it is a worthwhile investment in the long run due to its durability and low maintenance. Its resistance to wear and tear, heat, and stains means that it will last for many years without needing costly repairs or replacements.

2. Can I negotiate the price of granite with a supplier in Zambia?
While prices may vary depending on the supplier, it’s always worth trying to negotiate a better deal. You can ask if there are any current promotions or if they offer discounts for bulk orders. Be sure to compare prices and services from different suppliers before making a final decision.

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