The market for gas cookers has grown of late and thanks to Thermocool, there never seem to be shortage of quality. Thermocool has grown to become one of the forces to reckon with in the kitchen appliance industry.

From the moment the stormed the market many decades ago through to the time the scaled up the ladder to stand there among the very best, there had always been consistent quality in their products. Majorly known for their product’s reliability, durability and simplicity, Thermocool gas cookers have become one of the favourites of the modern kitchen market.

thermocool gas cooker prices in zambia

Thermocool gas cookers are among the most sought after in the market today. Thanks to the quality and great services, they offer, the brand and their products have cemented a great status and positivity in the minds of their customers. Apart from the fact that they are among the most popular kitchen appliance brands today, their other products tell of their quality and reliability. You find thermocool gas cooker almost everywhere you go.

Thermocool gas cookers stand right there with the very best. In terms of ease of use, safety and overall efficiency, it is hard to get a brand that performs better than their products. They are one of those gas cookers you can use for ages without any hitch. They are available in various sizes, types and designs.

The various types available differ in basic features including sizes, number of burners, deign, control mechanism, type of burner and other similar features. Although these types maintain a standard overall quality, some are more high-tech bothers and are easier to use. Their latest designs feature an auto-ignite button that allows the cooker ignite by the push of a button. Some also feature times that can be used to regulate the timing and control the heat and fire intensity.

Thermocool gas cookers are not the most expensive in the market; they are not the cheapest either. Some of their latest products are quite expensive although they guarantee you absolute value for your money. Thermocool are not some random brand, so also are their products. They speak class, efficiency and durability. Their table top gas cookers are rated among the best and most sold cookers in the present market.

With the growing inconsistency in prices of kitchen appliances in recent days, it is essential to know how much the best gas cookers go for in the current market. In this post, we will take a look at prices of common Thermocool gas cookers in Zambia.

Prices of Thermocool Gas Cookers in Zambia

Quality comes at a price but sometimes, they come as bargains; this is the case with Thermocool gas cookers. Thermocool gas cookers make the list of top gas cookers for all the right reasons. From their scintillating design that will add class to your kitchen to the efficiency and reliability of their products, the gas cookers speak of their own quality.

Thermocool gas cookers are among those few cookers you can get almost everywhere. They are available in kitchen appliance stores and some other gadget stores. They can also be easily gotten directly from the manufacturer or any Thermocool outlet around the country. For convenience, you can also order the gas cookers online from popular e-commerce stores around the country.

Their products vary in sizes, and features. The prices of these gas cookers are dependent on the type you are buying and the features they boast. For instance, a 4 burner gas cool is a little less expensive than a 3 burner plus one electric plate cooker. Likewise, a gas cooker with built in oven will be more expensive than a table top gas cooker.

Let us take a look at the current prices of some of the most common Thermocool gas cookers:

  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker (single burners): KW5, 500 – KW7, 000
  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker (Teflon 2 burners): KW15, 000 – KW20,000
  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker (Luxury 2 burners): KW16, 000 – KW30, 000
  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker (Assy 2 burners): KW23, 000 – KW35, 000
  • Thermocool Stainless standing gas cooker (503G): KW75, 000 – KW85, 000
  • Thermocool Stainless standing gas cooker (504G): KW85, 000 – KW95, 000
  • Thermocool Stainless standing gas cooker (4 burners): KW160, 000 – KW250, 000

Things You Should Know About Thermocool Gas cookers

Thermocool are regarded among the best brands when it comes kitchen appliances. They offer a wide range of kitchen appliances to always satisfy the desires of their customers every time. From their classy Italian-style sanding gas cookers which stand on their own and offer both electric hot plates and gas burners for cooking dynamism down to their premium range of efficient and comfortable table top gas cookers, they offer almost everything you may need in a cooker.

Safety is a top priority for the brand. With lots of safety measures carefully noted in the manufacturing of their products, customers can be rest assured of a safe, leakage-free kitchen. Their products come as stainless steel and glass. They also come in various sizes, designs and vary in features.

Things You Will Like about Thermocool Gas Cookers

  • They are Safe to Use: One has to be extremely careful with gas cookers. Safety should be the first factor considered and with Thermocool gas cookers, you can be at rest. Their products boast of features that ensure safety and help easily control flame failure.
  • Variety: Thermocool gas cookers are available in different sizes and grades. Even their table top cookers are available in different models. They also vary in number of burners and operation mechanism.
  • Easy to Use: The gas cookers are easy to set up and use. You don’t need any special training to use them. The controls are clearly labelled and straight forward. Some even feature auto-ignition and timer.
  • Durable: When it comes to product reliability and durability, then a Thermocool gas cooker should be among the top on your list. They are one of those gas cookers that will do the job for you in the finest of ways and serve you for a very long time.

Things You May Not Like about Thermocool Gas Cookers

  • The brand’s latest gas cooker models are relatively expensive.

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