Top Digital Signage Screen Companies in Zambia

Digital signage has become an increasingly popular medium for businesses and organizations to communicate with their customers and audiences. In Zambia, several companies have emerged as leaders in providing high-quality digital signage solutions. In this article, we will explore the top digital signage screen companies in Zambia, their offerings, and what sets them apart.

1. Puzzlepie Event Technology

Puzzlepie Event Technology is a renowned provider of event technology solutions, including digital signage systems. They offer a wide range of digital signage products, such as touch kiosk systems, LED displays, and interactive whiteboards. One of their flagship products is the LG 43-inch Digital Signage Touch Kiosk System, which features a sleek design and high-resolution display.

Puzzlepie Event Technology prides itself on providing customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients. They work closely with businesses to understand their requirements and deliver innovative digital signage solutions that enhance customer engagement and brand visibility.

2. One Digital Media

One Digital Media is a well-established digital signage company in Zambia, with over four decades of experience in the industry. They offer a comprehensive range of digital signage solutions, including LED screens, interactive touch kiosks, and digital menu boards.

One Digital Media’s strength lies in its ability to create memorable in-store shopping experiences for retailers and store owners. Their digital signage solutions are designed to captivate customers and effectively communicate promotions, product information, and brand messaging.

Additionally, One Digital Media provides advertising networks in various locations, such as taverns, forecourts, and supermarkets, enabling brand marketers to reach their target audiences dynamically.

3. Ethniks

Ethniks is a digital signage specialist with over 30 years of experience in creating video walls for various clients, including government organizations, banks, and schools. They offer personalized solutions with a range of tools, such as cloud storage, content managers, and designers, to help businesses manage their digital signage content effectively.

Ethniks invests heavily in its employees, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand market trends and provide targeted solutions that increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

4. DMX

DMX is a global audio and visual branding leader that provides solutions to improve customer and employee engagement. They offer a wide range of digital signage solutions, including the DMX media player, video walls, workplace digital displays, and digital shelf displays.

DMX also offers commercial-grade LCD and LED screens from industry-leading manufacturers like LG and Samsung, ensuring that their clients have access to high-quality hardware to complement their digital signage solutions.

5. Media Wave Systems

Media Wave Systems is a prominent digital signage integrator in South Africa that offers various solutions for businesses and organizations in Zambia. Their experience in visual communication enables them to create digital signage solutions that effectively convey information and enhance customer experiences.

Media Wave Systems’ state-of-the-art solutions include digital menu boards, queue management systems, interactive screens, and video walls. These solutions are designed to display attention-grabbing content and increase shopper engagement.


LCDSLD is an experienced screen solution provider that specializes in realizing digital experiences for artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things. They offer a wide range of products, including :

  • Android Mini PCs
  • Android Panel PCs
  • Ceiling-mounted double-sided portrait screens
  • Curved touchscreen monitors
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Outdoor kiosks and monitors
  • Panel PCs
  • Special-shaped screens
  • Touchscreen monitors
  • Wall-mounted Android screens
  • Window LED displays

LCDSLD is known for its innovative, cost-effective open-source digital signage solutions that allow businesses to customize, scale, and enhance their communication strategies . They cater to clients worldwide, providing comprehensive design, manufacturing, technical support, and exceptional service.

Pricing and Cost Considerations

The cost of digital signage solutions in Zambia can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the project, the hardware and software requirements, and the level of customization needed. Generally, businesses can expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand Zambian Kwacha for basic digital signage displays to tens of thousands or more for large-scale, customized installations.

It’s essential to work with reputable digital signage companies that can provide transparent pricing information and help businesses understand the total cost of ownership, including hardware, software, installation, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Choosing the Right Digital Signage Company

When selecting a digital signage company in Zambia, it’s crucial to consider several factors:

  1. Experience and Expertise: Look for companies with a proven track record and extensive experience in the digital signage industry. Experienced companies will have a better understanding of the latest technologies and best practices, ensuring that your digital signage solution meets your specific needs.
  2. Product and Service Offerings: Evaluate the range of products and services offered by each company. Ensure that they can provide the specific digital signage solutions you require, whether it’s LED displays, interactive kiosks, or video walls.
  3. Customization and Scalability: Choose a company that offers customizable solutions that can be tailored to your brand and business requirements. Additionally, consider the scalability of their solutions, as your digital signage needs may evolve over time.
  4. Customer Support and Training: Reliable customer support and training are essential for ensuring the successful implementation and ongoing maintenance of your digital signage solution. Look for companies that offer comprehensive support and training services.
  5. Pricing and Value: While cost is an important consideration, it should not be the sole deciding factor. Evaluate the overall value proposition offered by each company, taking into account the quality of their products, services, and support.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select a digital signage company in Zambia that best meets your business needs and provides a solution that enhances customer engagement, improves brand visibility, and delivers a strong return on investment.


Digital signage has become an integral part of modern business operations, offering a dynamic and engaging way to communicate with customers and audiences. In Zambia, companies like LCDSLD, Puzzlepie Event Technology, One Digital Media, Ethniks, DMX, and Media Wave Systems have established themselves as leaders in providing high-quality digital signage solutions.

By partnering with these companies, businesses in Zambia can leverage the power of digital signage to enhance customer experiences, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive growth and success. With the right digital signage solution in place, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and effectively communicate their messages in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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