The Toyota Camry is one of the brand’s most successful vehicles. They rate among the most sought after in recent times and based on their performances, they are up there among the best ever Toyota automobiles.

One of the standout models of this Toyota genre is the Camry 2005 model. This model remains one of the most sought after in Zambia today and given its performance, interior and mostly exterior design, it has successfully earned the name ‘Big Daddy’ in Zambia.

toyota camry 2005 price in zambia

Do you want to know more about the Toyota Camry 2005 and how much it goes for in the current market? Then you are on the right page. Here, we will review the vehicle and highlight how much it goes for in the current market.</p

Prices of Toyota Camry 2005 in Zambia (Tokunbo)

For vehicles that are no longer produced by the parent brand, the best and most reliable versions available are the foreign used versions. Foreign used version of the Toyota Camry 2005 still remains among the most sought after in the Tokunbo market today.

fFor various reasons, people still confidently trust the efficiency and operation of the automobile. On the average, a foreign used (Tokunbo) Toyota Camry 2005 model can be purchased for between KW2.2 million and KW3 million Naira.

Prices of Locally Used Toyota Camry 2005 in Zambia

Toyota Camry 2005 is one of many Toyota vehicles that do not lose market value easily. This is a plus for buyers that look o locally used version of the vehicle as there wouldn’t be so much difference, especially when the car is still in great condition.

A locally used Toyota Camry 2005 costs between KW1.7 million and KW2.2 million depending on some factors including the condition of the vehicle at the period of purchase, neatness of the vehicle and market value at the period.

Things You Should Know About Toyota Camry 2005

Toyota Camry 2005, like most other Toyota Camry models, is available in various trims. They are available in the base, four-cylinder form and even more elegant LE, SE, and XLE trims, with either four- or six-cylinder power. The convertibles are available with the V-6 engine in SE or SLE trim, and the coupes come in various trims including SE, SE Sport, and SLE guise with either engine options.

Let us consider some basic features of this family sedan.


The Toyota Camry 2005’s clean, chic sedan body suggest an elaborate approach to motoring. Although the line does not really pander to latest fashion trends, the vehicle look smart today and would not look out of style for years to come.

The standard Camry 2005 sedan features 15-inch wheels and tires; 16-inchers are optional and standard on the middle trim levels; and 17s are typical on convertibles, few coupes, and the SE sedan.


The Camry 2005 model is one of the best-built vehicles steadily scores very high in crash testing. While there are lots of amazing safety features, Camry makes you pay for any extra safety features beyond basic airbags and seatbelts. Driver and passenger curtain airbags are optional on all Camry vehicles. Anti-lock brakes are available on all Camry 2005 trims, but solidity and traction control are available only on LE, SE, and XLE sedans, and SLE coupe and convertible models.


The overall performance of the Camry 2005 is another factor that has earned raving review in recent times. Basically, the Toyota Camry 2005 model offers three different engines. The base engine is a smooth-revving 2.4-liter four-cylinder that offers 160 horsepower and 163 lb-ft of torque in the vehicle.

There are also two V-6 engines. The first, which is offered in LE and XLE sedans, is a 3.0-liter and produces 210 horsepower and 220 lb-ft of torque. SE sedans are available in various options including a 3.3-liter V-6 that produces 225 horsepower and 240 lb-ft. The greater-output engine is the only V-6 offered in the convertible.


When it comes to maintenance, it is difficult to pick a brand beyond Toyota. One of the most lovely things about owning Toyota Camry 2005 is that you wouldn’t need to spend so much on maintaining the sedan. They are relatively easy to maintain and spare parts are readily available.

Things You Will Like About Toyota Camry 2005

  • Roomy: This sedan is one of the roomiest vehicles in its category. You can be sure to have breathing space in the car whether you are sitting behind the wheels or at the rear.
  • Quiet: If you want a family sedan that does not make noise when moving, then you can be sure to enjoy Toyota Camry 2005.
  • Reliable and durable: Toyota vehicles are generally strong; do not expect anything less from this model.
  • Safe: There are lots of safety features to savour.

Things You May Not Like About Toyota Camry 2005

The vehicle is quite expensive, especially when compared with other vehicles in its category. Also, the base V6 engine is not as powerful as some other vehicles in this category.


Toyota is the most popular automobile brand in this part of the world today and it is easy to see why. Apart from the fact that the brand gets a top grade in ease of maintenance and fuel economy, their easy-to-use features and outstanding market value have made a way for them in the automobile industry today. Even since they were introduced into the market many years ago, the remains the most sought after to date. It is beyond fame; Toyota is well and truly worth the hype.

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