The 2008 Toyota Corolla marked the end of a unique design that was first introduced in 2003, with the 2009 model donning a new design. While there are no many differences to point out in the design of the 2008 model when compared with prior models, there is a significant upgrade in core parts of the vehicle. It maintains its sophisticated feel and amazing body while adding style and class to the interior.

toyota corolla 2008 price in zambia

Let us take a deeper look at this sedan and consider how much it goes for in the current market in Zambia.

Toyota Corolla 2008 Price in Zambia – Tokunbo (Foreign Used)

While newer models have been released since, foreign used 2008 Toyota Corolla still lines among the most sought after Corolla models to date. This is principally due to the sedan’s efficiency and sizable affordability. For between KW2.3 million – KW3.5 million, you will be able to purchase a foreign used Tokunbo 2008 Toyota Corolla.

One thing is peculiar to Toyota vehicles – they are designed to be highly durable and rugged. This means that despite Toyota Corolla’s sleek and amazing look and feel, they boast strong second-hand value in all sense of it. This comes as good news to the Tokunbo market in Zambia whose major customers have turned to the used automobile market.

Price of Locally Used 2008 Toyota Corolla in Zambia

The 2008 Toyota Corolla is a popular choice in the automobile market in Zambia and the accessibility has richly increased in the local scene. Foreign used vehicles imported to the country are usually more expensive than locally used versions. Locally used vehicles are generally easier to acquire, relatively and significantly cheaper and yet, they maintain similar functionality and overall efficiency as brand new equivalents. In as much as the used vehicle is in great condition, acquiring them can be a bargain.

Locally used 2008 Toyota Corolla can be gotten for anything between KW1.8 million – KW2.9 million depending on the trim and condition of sale. It should be noted that the variation in these prices is as a result of some certain factors which the condition of the vehicle, neatness of the vehicle, the condition of the tires, fuel mileage and how long the vehicle has been in use.

2008 Toyota Corolla Review

The Corolla does not need much introduction. If you love vehicles that are efficient, easy to drive and relatively cheap to maintain, then you can be sure to love the Toyota Corolla. Apart from the fact that this Toyota model rates among the most south after sedans in recent times, it also rates among the most reliable and rugged.

In terms of design and overall exterior, there are no clear differences between the 2008 Corolla and the initial 2003 model. The brand has maintained the same design since 2003 and will look to change to another design in 2009. However, fans still had to make do with that design for 2008, something people had only little to complain about thanks to its consistent class and style.

All the Toyota trims features a standard 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that offers 126 horsepower. It is a bit uneven at higher revs and is not quite silent on the road, but its delivery of 28/37 mpg with the five-speed manual, and 26/35 mpg with a four-speed automatic makes the engine powerful and strong. The strut front and torsion beam rear suspension could not be more average in specification, but it is composed and smooth to a very large extent. Standard on all cars is a 60/40 folding rear seat and a CD player; The vehicle features various types of power options and its fuel economy is amazing.

Like most other Toyota Corolla models, the 2008 model comes in three main trims – the base CE, a sporty S and a deluxe LE. They all feature the same 126-hp four-cylinder engine that puts power down to the front wheels via either a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual depending on the transmission type. You would be forgiven to assume the sedan is underpowered at a first glance. You might think too much of its lovely style and assume it is not so string but various users have the vehicle’s remarkable strength, balance on the road and ruggedness.

There is a reasonable amount of standard equipment in the base CE trim of the sedan; the brand installed features including a four-speaker AM/FM/CD sound system, air conditioning with extra air filter and power mirrors and tilt steering wheel. There are significant differences in the exterior aspects of the various trims available.  There is the sportier S, with a paddle. While there are no real differences in their functionality, some believe the Sport trim is more flexible and softer to drive.  The top-end deluxe LE adds even more stability and balance on the road, and the power windows should be applauded. It also features keyless entry and vibrant electroluminescent scales that are easy to read.

While the design of this model is almost the same as prior models, the interior is more commanding, dynamic and relatively classy. The sedan boasts lots of easy to use high tech features that further point out the tech advancement of the model compared to prior models. The seats are amazingly comfortable, with various options available including the leather seat. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a typical Toyota sedan that rates among the best selling in major parts of Africa.

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