The Toyota Highlander rates among the best-selling vehicles of its type – a car-based midsize sport-utility SUV. Its independent suspension is designed for comfort and amazing ride quality as a priority. With various versions already introduced into the market, the 2005 model still stands out to date.

Here, we will take a look at how much various versions of the 2005 model go for in the market. We will also consider some basic features of the midsize SUV.

toyota highlander 2005 price in zambia

Toyota Highlander 2005 Prices in Zambia – Foreign Used/ Tokunbo

As it stands, a foreign used 2005 Toyota Highlander can be purchased for anything between KW2.5 million – KW4.5 million depending on the trim. Also, factors like the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase, custom charges, neatness of the sedan and other related factors also affect the eventual price the Tokunbo SUV goes for.

The Highlander remains the easiest of motoring companions and it is no difficult to see why the 2005 model remains highly sought after today. If you love SUVs that are efficient, easy to drive and cheap to maintain, then you can be sure to love the Toyota Highlander. Apart from the fact that this Toyota model rates among the most sought after SUVs in recent times, it also rates among the most reliable and rugged.

Locally Used Toyota Highlander 2005 Prices in Zambia

The 2005 Toyota Highlander is a prevalent choice in the midsize SUV market in Zambia and the prominence has augmented even more in the local scene. Foreign used vehicles imported to the country are usually pricey compared to the locally used versions. They are usually neater, sleeker and most of the time, close to the brand new versions in terms of efficiency, sharpness and overall operation.

A locally used 2005 Toyota Highlander can be purchased for anything between KW1.5 million and KW2.5 million depending on the trim, the condition of the vehicle, the neatness, fuel mileage, and other similar factors.

The market for used vehicles has grown in Zambia in recent times. These used vehicles are easier to purchase, temperately and significantly cheaper and still maintain similar functionality and overall efficiency provided they are in great condition when purchased. In as much as the used vehicle is in the expected condition, acquiring them can be a bargain.

2005 Toyota Highlander Overview

The demand for crossover vehicles have significantly increased in recent times. Apart from the fact that they achieve brochure- friendly high point while still maintaining essential all-wheel drive, they are more comfortable, rugged, durable and most times, more efficient than compact sedans. Toyota remains the first name on everyone’s lips in the automobile market and it is no surprise they have also significantly dominated the SUV market.

Toyota Highlander remains one of the most sought after mid-size SUVs in Zambia today. It is rated among the most rugged, convenient and reliable vehicles in its category. Its flexible interior makes it easy to adjust to several combinations of people and luggage. The SUV allows for standard seating for five, with an optional third-row seat to convey up to seven passengers, though it could be quite tight at the rearmost seat. The Highlander is relatively easy to drive and soft even when on rough terrains.

The Highlander offers a fairly soft and smooth ride for an SUV and the interior is remarkably quiet and free of engine vibration and wind noise. The base model is equipped with the revised 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive and performs well on the road and, delivering alert performance when merging into main road traffic. It is also boosted with the larger 3.3-liter V6 and all-wheel-drive, and offers strong power and smooth handling regardless of the weather. Despite its size, the 2015 Toyota Highlander is easy to drive and manoeuvre in tight spaces.

The 2005 Toyota Highlander is available in 3 different trim levels – the base, the Limited, and hybrid. The midsize SUV can be driven by front- or all-wheel-drive systems and all the trims are fitted with seating for five or seven passengers, which is optional. Power is generated from either a 2.4-liter/155-horse four-cylinder or a 3.3-liter/220-horse V-6 engine depending on the trim level. All the trims Highlanders feature power windows and door locks, cruise control, tilt steering, a six-speaker AM/FM/CD sound system, and a rear-window wiper with defroster. The Limited trim boasts extra features including power front seats, an eight-speaker stereo, heated outside mirrors, and an anti-theft system.

2005 Toyota Highlander: Things You Will Like About The SUV

  • Fuel Economy: It is difficult to see a midsize SUV that is more fuel efficient than the Toyota Highlander. Although they are still not in the same level as Toyota sedans in terms of fuel economy, they rate among the very best you can get in the SUV class.
  • Roomy Interior: If lovely interior space is one of the core factors you consider when buying an SUV, then you will find the Toyota Highlander especially amazing. It has enough space in the rear to comfortably accommodate 4 adults.
  • Easy to Maintain: Toyota Highlander is relatively easy to maintain compared to most other SUVs in its class. Spare parts are readily available and affordable.
  • Lovely Safety Features: The SUV boasts lovely safety features that are easy to use.

2005 Toyota Highlander: Things You May Not Like About It

  • Plain Styling: Styling is one thing the 2005 Toyota Highlander didn’t particularly do well in. If you are a lover of stylish vehicles that attract attending, you might have our reservations about this one.

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