In the realm of agriculture, tractors have revolutionized farming operations, making them more efficient and less labor-intensive. If you’re involved in agriculture in Zambia, it’s crucial to be aware of the tractor prices in Zambia.

Zambia’s market offers a variety of tractors, and we’ll delve into the prices of the most sought-after ones in this article. This information will aid in planning your farming and agricultural ventures.

Tractor Prices in Zambia (2022)

Understanding the Types of Tractors in Zambia

Before we delve into the prices of tractors in Zambia, let’s categorize the types of tractors available in the market. Broadly, we can classify the tractors in the Zambian market into three categories:

  1. Hand-operated tractors
  2. Mini tractors
  3. Heavy-duty tractors

With this classification in mind, let’s explore the prices of tractors in these different categories.

Hand-operated Tractors in Zambia: Prices and Details

Smaller than other tractors and driven or operated by hand, hand-operated tractors are also known as “manual tractors.” You can find both brand new and fairly used hand-operated tractors in the Zambian market. Here are some examples:

  • Sims Hand Tractor – KW400,000 – KW600,000
    • Foreign-used
    • Strong and durable
    • No accessories added
    • Petrol tractor
    • Manufactured 2005
  • Verts Loisirs Hand Tractor – KW200,000 – KW350,000
    • Zambian-used
    • Plough included
    • Petrol tractor
    • Manufactured in 2004
  • Super quality Grillo 131 Hand Tractor – KW700,000 – KW1 million
    • Zambian-used
    • No accessories
    • Strong and durable
    • Diesel tractor
    • 18 horsepower
    • Weight 208 kg

From this, it’s clear that the prices of hand-operated tractors in Zambia range between KW200,000 and KW1 million. New hand-operated tractors, though rare, can cost between KW1.5 million and KW3 million.

These prices are based on data from both offline and online tractor dealers and may vary slightly depending on your location and the dealer you choose. Tractors with extra accessories or implements will cost more. However, hand-operated tractors are generally cost-effective to rent or purchase and are perfect for small to medium-sized farmlands.

Mini Tractors in Zambia: Prices and Features

Mini tractors, larger than hand-operated tractors but not the largest on the market, come in different brands and prices. The most common mini tractor brands in the Zambian market are Massey Ferguson and New Holland.

These tractors typically feature:

  • 6 + 1 gearshift/gearbox
  • Belt transmission
  • Power steering for easy control
  • Wheels for depth control
  • Horsepower between 15 HP and 20 HP
  • Single-cylinder engine

The general price range of mini tractors are as follows:

  • Massey Ferguson (Foreign-used) – KW2.5 million and KW4 million
  • Massey Ferguson (Zambian-used) – Negotiable but generally between KW1.5 million and KW3 million
  • New Holland (Foreign-used) – KW2.3 million and KW3.8 million
  • New Holland (Zambian-used) – Negotiable but about the same range as Massey Ferguson mini tractors
  • Brand new mini tractors (regardless of brand) are priced between KW7 million and KW10 million

These tractors can be used for various operations such as tillage, transportation, planting operations, harvesting, and ploughing. If you’re considering purchasing a Zambian-used mini tractor, it’s advisable to visit the dealer with a mechanic to assess the condition of the tractor.

Heavy Duty Tractors in Zambia: Prices and Details

Heavy-duty tractors, the largest on the market, are used on very large farmlands. The most common brands of heavy-duty tractors in Zambia are Massey Ferguson and New Holland, with other brands like Caterpillar and Mahindra also available.

For this article, we’ll focus on Massey Ferguson and New Holland prices:

Massey Ferguson Tractors in Zambia

Massey Ferguson tractors are recognized for their high quality and durability. The brand has earned popularity because its unique specifications are tailor-made for the African market. Here are the major Massey Ferguson tractor models in Zambia and their prices:

  • Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractor
    • 50 HP
    • 2 Wheel Drive
    • Low fuel consumption
    • Low maintenance costs
  • Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 260 Tractor
    • 60 HP
    • 4 Wheel Drive
    • Fuel tank 47.51 liters
    • Gross weight 1,900 kg
  • Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 350 Plus Tractor
    • 50 HP
    • 2 Wheel Drive/4 Wheel Drive
    • Fuel tank 45 liters
    • Gross weight 1,940 kg
  • Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 360 Tractor
    • 60 HP
    • 4 Wheel Drive
    • Fuel tank 45 liters
    • Gross weight 2,100 kg

These brand new Massey Ferguson tractor models range between KW12 million and KW18 million, depending on the model, the seller, and the added accessories. The prices of fairly-used Massey Ferguson Tractors vary depending on the seller and the condition of the tractor.

New Holland Tractor Prices in Zambia

New Holland is also a top tractor manufacturing brand in Zambia and Africa. Here are the most common models in the Zambian market:

  • New Holland NH 480S (55HP – 2WD)
  • New Holland NH 55-56 (55HP – 2WD)
  • New Holland NH-GHAZI (65HP – 2WD)
  • New Holland NH 60-56 (65HP – 2WD)

These tractors cost between KW11 million and KW17 million, depending on the dealer and the accessories chosen. There are also fairly used New Holland Tractors on the market, but their prices depend on the condition of the tractor.

Financing Options for Tractors in Zambia

While understanding the tractor prices in Zambia is crucial, it’s equally important to know how to finance your tractor purchase. Tractors are a significant investment, and not everyone can afford to pay the full price upfront. Fortunately, there are several financing options available in Zambia to help you acquire the tractor you need for your farming operations.

Bank Loans

Many banks in Zambia offer agricultural loans that can be used to purchase tractors. These loans typically require a down payment and have interest rates that vary depending on the bank and your credit history. It’s advisable to shop around and compare the terms and conditions of different banks before settling on one.

Government Subsidies and Grants

The Zambian government, recognizing the importance of agriculture to the country’s economy, offers subsidies and grants to farmers for the purchase of farming equipment, including tractors. These subsidies can significantly reduce the cost of a tractor. However, they are often subject to certain conditions, such as the size of your farm or the type of crops you grow.


Leasing is another option for acquiring a tractor in Zambia. With this option, you pay a monthly fee to use the tractor for a specified period. At the end of the lease term, you can choose to return the tractor, purchase it at a reduced price, or renew the lease. Leasing can be a good option if you need a tractor for a limited period or want to try out a particular model before buying it.

Dealer Financing

Some tractor dealers in Zambia offer their own financing options. These can include loans, lease-to-own agreements, or installment plans. Dealer financing can be convenient since you can arrange it at the same time as you purchase your tractor. However, the interest rates and terms may not be as favorable as those offered by banks or other financial institutions.

While the tractor prices in Zambia can be high, there are several financing options available to help you afford the tractor you need. By exploring these options and choosing the one that best fits your needs and circumstances, you can make your dream of owning a tractor a reality.

In conclusion, understanding the tractor prices in Zambia is crucial for anyone involved in agriculture. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the prices and features of different types of tractors available in Zambia, helping you make an informed decision for your farming needs.

What are the average tractor prices in Zambia?

The prices of tractors in Zambia vary widely depending on the type, brand, and condition of the tractor. Hand-operated tractors can range from KW200,000 to KW1 million, mini tractors from KW1.5 million to KW10 million, and heavy-duty tractors from KW11 million to KW18 million.

Where can I buy a tractor in Zambia?

Tractors can be purchased from various dealers across Zambia. Some of the most popular brands, such as Massey Ferguson and New Holland, have authorized dealers in the country. Online platforms also offer a variety of tractors for sale.

How much is a walking tractor in Zambia?

Walking tractors, also known as hand-operated tractors, can cost between KW200,000 and KW1 million in Zambia. The price depends on the brand, condition, and whether any accessories are included.

What financing options are available for buying a tractor in Zambia?

Several financing options are available for buying a tractor in Zambia, including bank loans, government subsidies and grants, leasing, and dealer financing. Each option has its own terms and conditions, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Are there used tractors for sale in Zambia?

Yes, used tractors are available for sale in Zambia. They can be a cost-effective option for those on a tight budget. However, it’s advisable to have a mechanic assess the condition of the tractor before making a purchase.

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