The concept of TVs in Zambia was introduced when people complained about lack of access to some national and international TV channel. Prior to this time, people would hang their antennas on top of their houses and trees just to get signals. Despite this, there was little or no access to international stations as viewers were restricted to local channels and few national channels.

With the introduction of cable TVs, viewers now have access to national and international channels without stress. While some certain cable TVs have ruled the market over the years, some new ones are popping up to provide wider coverage, smoother signals, and more convenient payment plan; one of which is the TSTV.

The Telecom Satellite TV (TSTV) is among the new generation cable TVs recently introduced in Zambia. This cable TV is becoming popular among the people and gradually creating its own market. The Cable TV is a Direct-to-Home (DTH) pay TV service provider. Although it still isn’t close to being the most popular nor the most sought after, TSTV boast of features that will make the brand eventually hit the market running.

tstv decoder price in zambia

Talk about flexible subscription rate and various national and international channels, talk about ease of use and signal strength, TSTV stand boldly among the best. With viewer-friendly channels, easy to use remote control and stress-free installation process, the brand looks to be the darling of the people soon enough.

Just like other cable TVs in Zambia, TSTV offers various subscription packages to her viewers. They offer one of the cheapest and most convenient packages. Viewers can subscribe as low as KW200 to have access to their favourite channels without any hitch. Although they don’t offer as much channels as most other cable TVs, their channels are equally informative, educative and entertaining.

In this post, we will take a look at the how much the TSTV decoders go for in the market. We will also take a look at various packages available on the platform and how much they cost.

Prices of TSTV Decoders in Zambia

TSTV are not the most popular cable TVs in the country but they are gradually drawing admirations and pulling their own market. With the quality of services they offer, you will expect the cable TV to be among the best rated TV service providers soon. Unlike some other cable TVS, TSTV have limited options in types of decoders available.

The newly-launched TV service decoder, also called the Set Top Box (STB), is also one of the cheapest in the country. The decoder costs between KW5,000 – KW6,000 without installation charges and KW7,000 – KW9,000 with installation charges. The variation in price of the decoder is as a result of certain factors including the place and period of purchase. Installation charges always range between KW2, 000 – KW5, 000.

TSTV subscription packages are unique and affordable. Viewers can subscribe as low as KW200 and as it stands, their highest subscription rate is KW3, 000. Let us take a look at various subscription packages available on TSTV.

  • Daily Subscription Package: KW200
  • 3-Day Subscription package: KW500
  • 7-Day Subscription package: KW750
  • 14-Day Subscription package: KW1500
  • Monthly Subscription package: KW3, 000

As it stands, the TSTV full subscription is nailed at KW3, 000. The full subscription comes with extra packages including 10GB data to browse on any device on the brand’s 4.5G network. First timers get 20GB data on first full subscription.

All channels are accessible irrespective of the plans you subscribe for. Access to major channels are denied once the subscription time elapses. This flexible subscription is one of the most attractive feature about TSTV.

Things You Should Know About TSTV

Few of the many things that excited Zambians about TSTV when it was launched in 2017 were amazing features like Pay as you go, user friendly and wonderfully designed decoder, 20GB data usable over Wi-Fi on all devices, video conferencing, cheap subscription rate, PVR feature that allows you pause, rewind and record live shows with a minimum of 50GB internal storage and subscription that can be paused for 7 days when not in use. Apart from the fact that these features guaranty amazing experience, they make it more convenient to subscribe and be more informed with what is going on around the world.

The channels cover various spheres of entertainment, sports, information and general history. There are dedicated sport channels that covers live English Premier league games and other European and local league football matches.

The TSTV is regarded as one of the classiest ever decoders in Zambia. The decoder basically operates behind Hybrid Broadcast Broadband (HBB) technology. The technology combines Telecommunications and Satellite to produce all the contents and services to their customers. They deliver in high quality, another factor that makes the cable TV stand out.

TSTV has over 70 channels which include channels dedicated for football and other sports, music, movies, series, music, documentaries, and other similar spheres. The channels give you access to live football matches across Europe and broadcasts important live events all around the world. Here are some of the popular channels available on the platform.

  • CNN
  • Aljazeera
  • BBC News
  • Fox News
  • Channels
  • TVC News
  • Hits tv.
  • Trace Africa.
  • Mtv Base.
  • M Africa Movies.
  • M Africa Yoruba.
  • M Africa Hausa.
  • Riwendu TV.
  • Nollywood TV.
  • National Geographic.
  • Nat Geo Wild.
  • Discovery Science.
  • Grande Gospel.
  • Emmanuel TV.
  • TBN Networks.
  • Sunna TV.
  • BeIN Sports (1 – 10).
  • Euro Sport.
  • Fox Sports (1 & 2).
  • Kombat Sport.

Things You Will Like About TSTV

  • TSTV has flexible subscription rate. In fact, they run the cheapest and most flexible subscription packages in Zambia.
  • You can pause your subscription for maximum of 7 days when not in use.
  • The cable TV has lots of local and international channels.
  • The channels cover various spheres.

Things You May Not Like About TSTV

  • Installation can be difficult compared to other cable TVs.
  • The cable TV hasn’t gone round the country yet and losing its customers.
  • Signal strength is poor.

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