When it comes to style, durability, design, quality and class in doors, it is hard to look beyond Turkey doors. From the moment they entered the door manufacturing market, through to the moment they took the Zambian market by storm with their top quality and beautiful door designs, there was never a doubt that the Turkey doors are here to dominate. They arguably get top scores in all aspects you can think of; class, design, features, beauty, durability, strength, name it.

Whatever good thing you have heard about this class of door is true; they are reliable, they are strong and practically give you all you need in a standard classy door. Turkey doors are not just some random doors, their uniquely designed exteriors make them one of the most fashionable doors in the market. When it comes to durability, they are in a class of their own. The materials they boast of enhances their strength and toughness, hence making them one of the most long-lasting doors in Zambia.

turkey door prices in zambia

Just like other types of doors, Turkey doors are available in different grades and classes. They vary in sizes, materials and strength, although they all maintain high quality and overall efficiency. They also have varying designs, structures and colours.  They manufacture doors suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, offices, rooms, living rooms, malls, event centres and lots more. Their security doors are also one of the most reliable around. Whether in beauty or strength, it is easy to see why Turkey doors are regarded as one of the best in Zambia at the moment.

The Zambian market has embraced Turkey doors. In fact, they are one of the most sought-after doors in the country. Despite being among the most expensive doors, the market appreciates its value and overall efficiency. The prices are heavily dependent on the designs, strength, and features they boast of.

Are you wondering how much Turkey doors cost in the market in Zambia? This post focuses on that. Here, we will take a look at how much Turkey doors go for in the current market in Zambia.

Prices of Turkish/ Turkey Doors in Zambia

If you are a close follower of the evolution of door manufacturing in the country, you will surely know the difference Turkey doors have made in the door industry in Zambia. The fact that they still remain sought after till date only proves the quality and overall efficiency of the doors. They are available in different sizes and types, hence, vary in prices. They are generally among the most expensive doors designs available.

Basically, their prices depend heavily on the material, design and quality of the ones you are going for. In most cases, Turkey doors with lovely designs and the ones built with steel are more expensive than ones with regular designs built with other materials.

Turkey doors can be purchased directly from the manufacturers or distributors across the country. For convenience, they can also be purchased via online stores and other contemporary building material stores around.

Here are current prices of some of the Turkey doors available in the market today.

  • Turkish Pompom Door (3ft): KW100,000 – KW110,000
  • Turkish Pompom Door (4ft): KW130,000 – KW140,000
  • Turkish Walnut Door (3ft): KW100,000 – KW110,000
  • Turkish Walnut Door (4ft): KW130,000 – KW140,000
  • Turkish Armored Door (3ft): KW350,000 – KW370,000
  • Turkish Armored Door (4ft): KW450,000 – KW470,000
  • Turkish Luxury Door (3ft): KW210,000 – KW220,000
  • Turkish Luxury Door (4ft): KW290,000 – KW300,000
  • Turkish Special Door (3ft): KW170,000 – KW180,000
  • Turkish Special Door (4ft): KW220,000 – KW230,000
  • Turkish Security Core for Entrance (3ft): KW155,000 – KW165,000
  • Turkish Security Core for Entrance (4ft): KW210,000 – KW220,000

WARNING: There are lots of fake Turkish doors in the market. So, you have to be very watchful, especially if you’re the type who jumps at anything cheap!

Turkish Doors in Zambia (Pictures)

A. Turkish Pompom Doors

turkey pompom doors

B. Turkish Armored Doors

turkish armored doors 2

turkish armored doors 1

C. Turkish Luxury Doors

turkey luxury doors

D. Turkish Walnut Doors

turkish walnut doors

E. Turkish Security Core (for Entrance)

turkey security core door for entrance

F. Turkish Special Doors

turkey special doors

G. Turkish Wooden Doors (for Rooms)

turkey wooden doors for rooms

Prices of Other Types of Turkish Doors

  • Turkey Hardwood Door: KW75, 000 – KW80, 000
  • Turkey Coco Castello Door: KW200, 000 – KW250, 000
  • Turkey Laminox Door: KW90, 000 – KW120, 000
  • Turkey Door-in-Door: KW100, 000 – KW150, 000

It should be noted that the prices are dependent on the size of the doors. For instance, 3 feet doors are generally cheaper than 4 feet doors. Also, the strength, materials and features also determine how cheap or expensive Turkey doors are. Other factors that affect the variation in prices include the currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase and other related factors.

Before Buying Turkish Doors, Consider These 3 Things

  1. Door size: This depends on the width of the entrance where the door would be installed. It could be 3ft or 4ft.
  2. Opening direction: This could be left or right. It’s important to keep this in mind because of the positioning of the doorknob. You sure don’t want to buy a door whose knob is wrongly positioned.
  3. Frame size: This depends on the thickness of the walls around the door. It could be 6ft or 9ft.

Things You Will Like About Turkey Doors

Turkey doors are regarded as one of the best door types in the market. They are among the most sought-after doors in Zambia and will likely rule the market in years to come. Here are some of the characteristics you will like about Turkey doors.

  • Security: If you’re looking for doors that provide maximum security, then you won’t go wrong with Turkish doors. They are made of tough steel and have 6-8 locking systems. These make them almost impossible to burgle. The armored doors are bulletproof and have metal frames.
  • Style and beauty: If classy style and design are among the factors you consider when picking a door, then Turkish doors are designed for you. When it comes to elegance, Turkey doors are on top of the list. They are available in different styles and can be designed in different colours. With Turkey doors, you can’t be wrong in style.
  • Durability: Turkey doors are one of the most durable doors available today. They are made from materials that can survive various weather conditions and temperatures, and they can last for decades without requiring repair.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance: Unlike some other types of doors, Turkey doors boast of nice fringes that are very easy to install. The doors are also generally easy to clean and maintain.

Things You May Not Like About Turkey Doors

  • Cost: Turkey doors are expensive. In fact, they are one of the most expensive doors around. Although with Turkey doors, you are guaranteed security and value for your money.

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