Roofing sheets are one of the most important materials required for a building project. Apart from the fact that they serve as a form of covering for the building, they also, in their own way, add elegance and beauty to the house. The importance of picking the right roofing sheets cannot be underestimated. It is one thing to get roofing sheets; it is another to get the right roofing sheets that fit the type of building and does the work for you.

Roofing sheets are essential components of any building structure, and the types available in Zambia are no exception. Whether you are constructing a new building or renovating an existing one, choosing the right roofing sheets is crucial to ensuring the durability and longevity of your roof. In Zambia, the following types of roofing sheets are commonly used:

  1. Corrugated iron roofing sheets: These are the most popular type of roofing sheets in Zambia due to their affordability and durability. They come in various sizes, colors, and gauges, suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.
  2. Aluminum roofing sheets: Widely used in Zambia for their low maintenance and weather resistance. They are available in a range of colors, thicknesses, and profiles, ideal for areas prone to heavy rain and strong winds.
  3. Steel roofing sheets: Popular for commercial and industrial buildings in Zambia, these sheets are strong, durable, and fire-resistant. They come in various gauges and can be painted to match the color of the building.
  4. Stone-coated roofing sheets: A newer type in Zambia, gaining popularity for their stylish appearance and long lifespan. Made from a combination of steel, stone, and resin, they are available in various styles and colors.
  5. Polycarbonate roofing sheets: A good option for buildings that require natural light. These transparent sheets are lightweight, weather-resistant, and come in various thicknesses and colors.

Choosing the right type of roofing sheet in Zambia depends on various factors, including the location of the building, the type of structure, budget, and design preferences. For more detailed information on each type, visit our comprehensive guide on Types of Roofing Sheets in Zambia & Their Prices.

types of roofing sheets prices zambia

Roofing sheets vary in durability, efficiency, quality, and prices. Some last longer than others, reflecting their market demand in Zambia. As a crucial element in building projects, the demand for roofing sheets is high, especially in a country where new structures are built daily. This has attracted various manufacturers, introducing diverse types and brands to the market. Today, the choice is extensive, ranging from basic brands to more sophisticated options.

In this post, we will explore the various types of roofing sheets available in Zambia and their market prices. Picking the right color, design, and type is crucial, as roofing sheets significantly enhance a building’s aesthetic appeal.

For insights into other essential building materials and their prices in Zambia, such as cement, check out our article on the Current Price of Cement in Zambia Today.

Prices of Roofing Sheets in Zambia

In Zambia, the variety of roofing sheets in terms of size, design, quality, and price offers a plethora of choices for your building project. It is essential to select the right roofing sheets that not only meet your structural requirements but also align with your aesthetic preferences. These roofing sheets play a pivotal role in enhancing the beauty of a building, making the selection of the right color, design, and type even more significant.

We delve into the various types of roofing sheets available in Zambia and their corresponding prices, providing insights to help you make an informed decision.

Trusted Roofing Sheets Dealer in Zambia

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A. Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets: Types & Prices in Zambia

Stone-coated roofing sheets are a symbol of durability and elegance, especially popular in Zambia’s major cities. These sheets are recognized for their longevity and are made from steel or similar metals coated with stone chips on acrylic film, ensuring strength, beauty, and reliability.

Unlike other types, stone-coated sheets resist rusting. They may be pricier but are considered a worthwhile investment due to their longer lifespan, reliability, and better resistance to harsh temperatures. The maintenance is minimal, often eliminating the need for replacement.

Prices of Stone-Coated Roofing Sheet Designs:

  • Milano Design: 0.55 mm thick – KW340 per square meter
  • Classic Design: 0.55 mm thick – KW340 per square meter
  • Bond Design: 0.55 mm thick – KW330 per square meter
  • Shingles Design: 0.55 mm thick – KW340 per square meter
  • Wooden Shake Design: 0.55 mm thick – KW340 per square meter
  • Roman Design: 0.55 mm thick – KW340 per square meter

Pictures of various designs of stone-coated roofing sheets

milano design

Milano Design

Wooden Shake Design

Wooden Shake Design

Bond Design

Bond Design

Roman Design

Roman Design

Shingles Design

Shingles Design

Advantages of stone-coated roofing sheets

Even though they are expensive, stone-coated roofing sheets come with the following advantages:

Long-lasting beauty: You’re unlikely to find anyone who would dispute the fact that stone-coated roofing is by far more beautiful than options available in Zambia right now. If you’re a stickler for anything the impresses and shows off class, then this is the right option for you.

Soundproof: When it’s raining, you’ll barely hear it as the raindrops fall on your roof. If you’re not comfortable with the noise made by the impact of the rain on your roof, then stone-coated roofing is your best bet.

Lightweight: The lighter the weight of your roofing, the better for your building. This is because heavy roofing puts excess burden on the building structure and can lead to cracks or even breakdown in buildings that are not well constructed. Using stone-coated roofing is one of the best ways to escape this problem.

Fire and heat resistant: The stone coat on the roofing makes it hard for it to catch fire. Moreover, the stone coat makes the roofing more resistant to heat. If you want to minimize heat in your building during the sunny season, go for stone-coated roofing.

Aluminium Roofing Sheets: Types & Prices in Zambia

This is another popular roofing sheet in Zambia. Although it is one of the most sought after, aluminium roofing sheets are not as strong as stone-coated roofing sheets as thy have a tendency of rusting after some while. This doesn’t take away their quality though; they still remain one of the bestselling roofing sheets in the country.

Aluminium roofing sheets offer great durability and are highly reliable. Most dealers every guarantee over 50 years usage of the roofing sheet irrespective of the change in weather or temperature. One downside about aluminium roofing sheets is the noise it makes when rain falls. Here are the prices of some types of aluminium roofing sheets available in Zambia.

Sheet TypePrice for 0.45mmPrice for 0.55mm
Long span aluminiumKW2,10 per meterKW2,70 per meter
Step-tile aluminiumKW2,40 per meterKW2,80 per meter
Metcoppo aluminiumKW2,50 per meterKW2,90 per meter

Pictures of the various designs of aluminium roofing sheets

Long Span Aluminium

Long Span Aluminium

Step Tile Aluminium

Step Tile Aluminium

Metcoppo Aluminium

Metcoppo Aluminium

Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets: Types & Prices in Zambia

There was a time this type of roofing sheet was on the rise. In fact, it ruled the market and was on everyone’s lip at that moment. Although it still maintains its quality and great ruggedness, it has gone down in terms of market value and customer choice. This top quality roofing sheet is reliable, rugged and does the job for you in the finest of fashions. Here are the prices of some of the most common types of Fibre Britment roofing sheets available in Zambia.

  • Fibre britment roofing sheets cost 150 Kwacha per square metre
  • Fibre britment step-tile roofing sheets cost 220 Kwacha per square metre.

Swiss Roofing Sheets: Types & Prices in Zambia

When it comes to beauty, class, elegance and durability, you can only mention a few roofing sheets in the class of Swiss Roofing sheets. They are not the most popular roofing sheet type in Zambia. This is largely due to how expensive they are. A standard Swiss Roofing sheet costs between KW180 – KW230 per square meter.

It should be noted that the variation in prices is as a result of some factors including the period and place of purchase, year of production of the sheets and when necessary, currency exchange rate and tariff charges.

Note that the prices of building materials vary and can change anytime. While we have gathered priced based on the current market, we don’t guarantee how long these prices will not change anytime soon.

Read This Before Choosing Your Roofing Sheet: Important Notes

The woodwork for each type of roofing sheet is different. Stone-coated roofing requires close-fixing of the underlying wooden framework. So, if you’re going for stone-coated roofing, get ready to spend a lot more on the woodwork.

Decide on your roofing type before doing your woodwork. This is because the woodwork for a type of roofing might not be usable for another type. For example, the woodwork for longspan aluminium roofing won’t work for step-tile aluminium roofing. Similarly, the woodwork for step-tile aluminium won’t work for stone-coated roofing. However, the woodwork for stone-coated roofing can work for any type of roofing.

Both step-tile aluminium and stone-coated roofing sheets are available in various brands and quality levels. So, you need to be wary of dishonest roofing contractors who quote the price of high quality, more expensive brands and buy cheaper, low-quality brands that would fade off after few years. To save yourself from such people, we recommend that you get your roofing sheets from our recommended trusted dealer (see below)

Trusted Roofing Sheets Dealer in Zambia: Our Recommendation

Do you need a trusted and highly experienced roofing sheets dealer that can deliver anywhere in Zambia? Then we strongly recommend Engr. Imran Ayub whose company is in Lusaka. (But they deliver nationwide).

We’re recommending Engr Imran Ayub’s company because he would take his time to enlighten you on what you need, how much you should budget, and other important information you need to know. More importantly, he sells only top quality roofing sheets that come with convincing warranties, and his prices are the best you can get.

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What are the common types of roofing sheets available in Zambia?

In Zambia, a variety of roofing sheets are available to suit different needs and preferences. Some of the common types include polycarbonate roofing sheets, galvanized steel corrugated roofing sheets, and PVC-coated steel wire roofing sheets. These materials are chosen for their durability, resistance to weather conditions, and aesthetic appeal.

What are the price ranges for different types of roofing sheets in Zambia?

The prices for roofing sheets in Zambia can vary widely depending on the type of material, size, and supplier. For instance, on Alibaba, the prices range from $1.00 – $2.00 per piece for some types, to $400.00 – $595.00 for 5 tons of other types. It’s advisable to contact suppliers directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Where can I purchase roofing sheets in Zambia?

Roofing sheets can be purchased from various suppliers in Zambia. Some popular options include Shopbwana, ClassEcon Roofing Africa Ltd, and Radian. These suppliers offer a wide range of roofing materials to suit different needs and budgets. Additionally, online platforms like Alibaba and BuildersZM also provide a variety of roofing sheets for sale.

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