Water pumps are an essential investment for many sectors in Zambia, including agriculture, construction, domestic use, and more. As we enter 2024, an update on the latest water pump prices can help buyers make informed purchasing decisions that align with their specific requirements and budget.

This comprehensive guide provides key insights into water pump prices in Zambia in 2024, covering popular pump types, price ranges, top suppliers, factors influencing costs, and expert tips for getting the best deals. Whether you need a solar-powered pump for remote locations or a heavy-duty submersible pump for large-scale projects, read on for the key details.

Overview of Common Water Pumps in Zambia

There are several main types of water pumps commonly used in Zambia:

  • Borehole pumps: Designed for extracting water from boreholes to depths exceeding 50 meters, these pumps are popular for water supply across homes, farms, and commercial setups. Prices range from 4,000 ZMW to 15,000 ZMW depending on power and depth capacity.
  • Solar pumps: Eco-friendly solar-powered pumps are gaining popularity, especially in remote locations. Prices range from 11,750 ZMW to 26,945 ZMW depending on power and depth capacity.
  • Submersible pumps: Used for extracting groundwater, submersible pumps are suitable for wells, boreholes, and surface water. Prices start from 4,100 ZMW for 1HP models from reliable suppliers like eMsika.
  • Centrifugal pumps: Offering high flow rate and low maintenance, centrifugal pumps see use in irrigation, water treatment, and construction. Prices range from 3,580 ZMW to 7,789 ZMW for reputable brands.

Prices vary based on factors like pump type, brand, power rating, and depth capacity. Installation charges are typically additional.

Water Pump Price Ranges in Zambia 2024

Here is an overview of the latest price ranges for popular water pumps in Zambia as of 2024, collated from leading suppliers:

Pump TypePrice Range
Borehole pump (3HP)4,000 – 15,000 ZMW
Solar pump (1HP)11,750 – 26,945 ZMW
Submersible pump (1HP)4,100 – 6,774 ZMW
Centrifugal pump (2HP)3,580 – 7,789 ZMW

Solar pumps have a wider price range depending on the power rating and panel wattage. 1HP solar pumps with good quality mono panels can cost over 20,000 ZMW.

Borehole, submersible and centrifugal pumps also see price variations based on power rating, construction material, and brand. Choosing reputable brands like Davis & Shirtliff, Pedrollo, Dayliff, and others can ensure durability and performance.

Key Factors Influencing Water Pump Prices in Zambia

Water pump prices in Zambia do not remain static and are impacted by several fluctuating factors:

  • Import duties and taxes: With many major pump brands being imported, changes in import duties and taxes directly impact retail prices.
  • Currency exchange rates: Since imported pumps are paid for in USD or other foreign currency, exchange rate fluctuations between ZMW, USD, and EUR impact landed costs for suppliers.
  • Raw material and transportation costs: Rising costs of metals, alloys, and fuels influence production and transportation expenses for manufacturers, increasing retail prices.
  • Supplier pricing strategies: Distributor and retailer margins account for 10-20% of pump prices. Different pricing strategies followed by players like Davis & Shirtliff and Finecop also cause price variations.

Understanding the influence of these factors can help buyers negotiate better deals by timing their purchases well. Opting for locally manufactured pumps can also ensure more reasonable prices.

Where To Buy Water Pumps in Zambia

Reputable water pump suppliers and retailers in Zambia include:

  • Davis & Shirtliff: Extensive range covering solar, submersible, borehole, and other pump types from leading brands.
  • Finecop Zambia: Stocks centrifugal, vertical turbine, submersible and vacuum pumps for various applications.
  • Radian Online: Retails solar pumps, submersible pumps, and accessories from brands like Dayliff and Pedrollo.
  • KSB Pumps Zambia: Supplies building services, industrial, and water pumps along with monitoring and controls.
  • Thunderbolt Zambia: Local manufacturer offering solar pumps, submersible pumps, and diesel engine pumps.
  • Alibaba.com: Stocks a variety of brands including sewage and self-priming pumps based on customized requirements.

Carefully compare prices and product specs across suppliers before purchase. Reaching out for quotes via Alibaba can also help discover good deals on bulk purchases of water pumps for commercial projects.

Expert Tips for Buying Water Pumps in Zambia

Follow these expert tips for making cost-effective water pump purchases in Zambia:

  • Evaluate operational requirements in terms of flow rate, head, power type, brand preferences, and budget. This will help narrow down suitable pump types and models.
  • Obtain multiple quotes to compare prices across retailers. Be open to exploring brands beyond popular names like Grundfos and Pedrollo.
  • Ask about discounts and deals on bulk purchases for large projects or off-season buying.
  • Confirm after-sales service support like installation, maintenance, and repairs before confirming order.
  • Buy from reputable dealers like Davis & Shirtliff and others rather than unknown traders to ensure genuine products with warranties.
  • Choose locally manufactured pumps whenever viable to avoid import duties and currency conversion markups.


The pump landscape and prices in Zambia are impacted by several economic factors. However, carefully evaluating operational needs and purchasing from trusted retailers can help secure durable and high-performing pumps at reasonable rates. Use the insights and tips shared in this guide to make optimal pump investments for your specific requirements.

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