You can’t underestimate the importance of weddings in Zambia and one of the major highlights of these events is the bride’s wedding attire.

If you’re a prospective bride and you trying to find out about especially their prices, then you’re obviously on the right page. But before we take a look at the prices of these attires, let’s explore the different styles of wedding gowns.

Generally, the most popular styles of wedding gown are the Greek, Mermaid and Ball styles. These styles are usually combined with different fabric such as lace, organza and tulle.

wedding gown prices in zambia

The lace fabric is one of the most luxurious and prettiest fabrics and they come in different types namely the Chantilly, Alencon, Venetian, Schiffli, Guipure and the Eyelet lace.

In terms of styles your wedding gown, there are different ways to go about it. For instance, if you want to show a bit of skin, you can go for the open shoulder or deflated sleeves options.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to show some legs, then you can combine the mermaid style with a piquant cut along one of your legs to make it look spectacular.

Recently, there have been styles that have been created to give a 3D effect on your outfit. For instance, you can make your wedding dress look like a colony of butterflies by embedding fluttering butterflies on the skirt or corset. Or your designer can decorate your dress with bright flower using the dress fabric.

However, not everyone wants sophistication when it comes to design her wedding outfit. For some a simple wedding dress made of crepe, taffeta, and silk shantung without overly voluminous structured skirts and any embroidery or lace design is the way to go. Additionally, the pearl shine of heavy satin fabrics can be used to create a simple but beautiful wedding dress.

There is also the applique embroidery design which enables the designer stitch small pieces of fabric into the larger fabric. Also, some wedding gowns are oftened beaded while some are made to give a sophisticated 3D effect using flowers or luxurious fabric.

Another interesting design is the peplum wedding gowns. In this case, the fashion designer structures the silhouettes of the bridal dresses with this peplum style. There are two ways to portray this style. It can either be used traditionally or it could be made to look longer on the upper part of the skirt or it can be used as a top layer in a cascade of soft skirt’s folds and flounces.

Overall, there are also some very peculiar wedding outfits that make you wonder where the bride comes from. For instance, some brides choose to wear pants and suits instead of the traditional wedding dress. For others, it comes in the form of a skirt and blouse using traditional fabric like chiffon or guipure lace.

Wedding Gown Prices in Zambia

In terms of our two most popular styles, here are the prices you should expect when buying any of these.

#1. Mermaid gown

Typically, you can find a beaded or applique mermaid gown for as low as KW25000. On the other hand, the laced mermaid gown can be as high as KW55000.

The prices of the other mermaid gown styles are listed below:

  • Beaded top mermaid gown == KW20000 – KW50000
  • Beautiful mermaid gown with detachable skirt == KW60000
  • Trumpet turtle neck mermaid wedding gown == KW87500

#2. Ball gown

The ball gown comes in a variety of styles. These include the off-shoulder, the beaded type and the applique bodice. The applique embroidery designs could either be applied to the upper or lower part of the gown or both. Generally, this style falls between KW60000 to KW70000

Below are the prices of other styles of ball gowns.

  • Sleeved ball gown == KW50,000 – KW80,000
  • Beaded high neck ball gown == KW70,000
  • Beaded off-shoulder ball gown with floral tail == KW90,000
  • V-neck ball wedding gown == KW45000
  • Ruffle vintage lace ballgown == KW50,000
  • Full flowery ball tailed wedding dress == ZMW90,000
  • Off-shoulder ball wedding gown with corsets == ZMW150,000

Overall, if you’ll look to buy a luxurious or premium ball wedding gowns, you should be looking to spend between KW85000 and KW125000.

If you don’t want any complex customization, you can buy a simple lace long sleeve fitted wedding gown for as low as ZMW25,000.

There’s also the A-line wedding gown which is quite simple yet very beautiful. This type of gown could either be sleeveless or strapless and it may come with add-ons like beads or applique embroidery. Typically, you can get a beaded bodice A-line gown for KW65000.

Wrapping up

When it comes to finding the right wedding gown for your big day, there are a couple of things to consider.

First, you can get a fashion designer to sew a customized outfit for you. In this case, you can spend as little as KW50000 or as much as millions of naira depending on your level of customization and the type of fashion designer.

The second option is to buy a wedding dress that has already been made. In this case, you can buy from shops or fashion stores that sell these attires. Or you can even buy it online. In this case, the most popular types are the mermaid and ball gowns. But these styles usually come with different tweaks that enable you to choose from massive range of styles and we’ve provided the pricing of these items in this post.

As you have seen the price of wedding gowns fall between KW25000 and KW125000 but if you can’t still find a gown that meets your taste, you can contact a fashion designer to style something that is customized to meet your need.

But, if you’re really looking to save cost, you can rent a wedding gown; afterall the wedding ceremony is just a one day event. The cost of renting a wedding gown is lower than buying one. You can rent for as low as KW15000. However, the cost of renting can become as high as buying if it is more stylish and comes with extra embellishments.

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