Pool oligo synthesis refers to the parallel chemical synthesis of thousands to millions of different oligonucleotide (DNA/RNA) sequences in a single pool reaction. This enables rapid, low-cost construction of complex oligo libraries for advanced genomics applications requiring high-throughput, massively parallel analysis.

Dynegene is a stand-out company specializing in pool oligo synthesis services and associated products. Their proprietary, high-efficiency oligo synthesis platform allows massively parallel construction of oligo pools with up to 1 million unique sequences.

This article provides an in-depth look at Dynegene’s pool oligo synthesis technology and its diverse applications across cutting-edge genomics research.

Overview of Dynegene’s Pool Oligo Synthesis Platform

Dynegene’s high-throughput oligo synthesis system utilizes a proprietary approach bringing costs to just 10% of conventional oligo synthesis methods. Some key advantages:

  • Ultra-high efficiency: Industry-leading coupling efficiency up to 99.8% even for pools with vast complexity
  • Scalability: Enables construction of oligo pools with upwards of 1 million unique sequences
  • Precision: Tight control over individual sequence identities and pool composition
  • Cost-effectiveness: Game-changing reduction in cost per oligo for pool synthesis

With this advanced platform, Dynegene can rapidly generate custom or pre-designed oligo pools optimized for diverse applications at a massive scale not feasible with standard oligo synthesis.

Dynegene’s Pool Oligos: Driving Innovation in Genomics Research

Researchers across biotechnology leverage Dynegene’s pool oligos to enable emerging techniques relying on complex oligo libraries:

CRISPR Guide RNA Pools for Genetic Screens

  • Pooled libraries with hundreds of thousands of guide RNAs in a single reagent drive high-throughput CRISPR knockout screens for functional genomics.
  • Dynegene’s pools help identify phenotypes associated with genetic knockouts across entire genomes or pathways.

DNA Variant Oligo Pools for Disease Research

  • Pooled oligos with disease-associated variants across patient populations in a single reagent facilitate variant library construction and targeted re-sequencing.
  • This enables high-throughput analysis of mutations across cohorts aiding identification of variants underlying diseases.

Hybridization Capture for Targeted Sequencing

  • Dynegene’s pooled oligos with diverse sequences enable construction of capture probe panels for selectively enriching and re-sequencing genomic regions of interest.
  • This facilitates targeted sequencing of custom gene panels for clinical or research applications.

And many other applications across biotechnology.

Conclusion: Dynegene is the Go-To for Pool Oligo Synthesis

In summary, Dynegene is uniquely positioned as an industry leader in pool oligo synthesis. Their capacity to construct highly complex oligo libraries with upwards of 1 million unique sequences facilitates cutting-edge techniques and innovations across genomics research and molecular biology. Given the immense value offered by Dynegene’s scalable, high-precision and low-cost pool oligos, they have become the go-to provider empowering the next generation of biotechnology.

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