Wheelchairs are one of the most important devices for disabled people. Technology has made it easier for people in this state to move from one place to the other without much stress. Although it is not the most comfortable and convenient situation to be in, wheelchairs have added both comfort and swagger to the movement of disabled people. This mobile device is not only used by disabled people, it is also very useful for people that are sick and find it difficult to walk or move from one place to the other.

Wheelchairs are crucial mobility aids for individuals with physical disabilities. In Zambia, the cost of a wheelchair can be a significant investment for many families. The price of a wheelchair can vary based on factors such as the type of wheelchair, brand, and features. This article will provide you with information on wheelchair prices in Zambia, the top 10 wheelchairs available, and answers to some popular questions on wheelchair prices.

Wheelchair Prices in Zambia

The prices of wheelchairs in Zambia can range from as low as 2,500 ZMW to as high as 15,000 ZMW. The price range varies based on the type of wheelchair, brand, and features. Basic manual wheelchairs usually cost less than electric-powered wheelchairs. The more advanced the features of the wheelchair, the higher the price. But in the long run, buying a high-quality wheelchair with the latest features can be a good investment.

Top 10 Wheelchairs and Prices

Here are the top 10 wheelchairs available in Zambia and their prices:

  1. Basic Manual Wheelchair – Price: 2,500 ZMW
  2. Standard Manual Wheelchair – Price: 5,000 ZMW
  3. Lightweight Manual Wheelchair – Price: 8,500 ZMW
  4. Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchair – Price: 10,000 ZMW
  5. Folding Electric Wheelchair – Price: 15,000 ZMW
  6. Stand-Up Wheelchair – Price: 25,000 ZMW
  7. Reclining Wheelchair – Price: 35,000 ZMW
  8. Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair – Price: 40,000 ZMW
  9. All-Terrain Wheelchair – Price: 45,000 ZMW
  10. Pediatric Wheelchair – Price: 50,000 ZMW

Just like cars and bikes, wheelchairs are available in different styles, models, colours, designs and mechanics. They operate in different modes and vary in features. The most common type of wheelchair in this part of the word is the manual wheelchair. This is also regarded as one of the cheapest and most readily available. Even this type of wheelchair varies in class, quality, durability and basic features.

wheelchair prices in zambia

The manual wheelchairs always require the users to wheel the chair themselves or supported by someone else. Although it does the job perfectly, it can be quite stressful and lots of patients have complained about the style over the years. Thanks to technology, electric chairs have been introduced. Unlike manual wheelchairs, these wheelchairs are automatic and do not require much manual controls. The user easily drives the chair just like a car, with the handle strategically placed in a convenient part of the frame. They are generally more comfortable to drive and control and they boast of features that make the users more comfortable in their state.

The market for wheelchairs in Zambia has improved over the years. Because the use of wheelchair is no longer restricted to disabled people, doctors recommend wheelchairs for patients that are just recovering or those that need to restrict their movements or have issues with a part of their leg that directly or indirectly affects they movement from one place to another. Because of the large wheelchair market, manufacturers keep coming up with innovative and absolutely fascinating designs to ensure convenience and comfort of the patient while still maintaining overall functionality.

In this post, we will take a quick look at prices of various types of wheelchairs available in the market today. We will also take a look at basic factors to consider before selecting a wheelchair for use.</p

Prices of Wheelchairs in Zambia

Wheelchairs are one of the most delicate devices to buy. They are available in different sizes, brands, types, qualities and of course, prices. Just like automobiles, there are lots of factors that determine the prices of wheelchairs in Zambia.

The high demand for wheelchairs has only increased the numbers of manufacturers and of course the price. Another huge factor that has caused huge variation in prices is the varying features they boast of. While some wheelchairs have some extra features to ensure more comfort for users, some others lack some of these features.

Wheelchairs can be purchased directly from manufacturers or distributors across the country. They are also available for purchase at pharmaceutical stores. Other contemporary stores also sell the mobile device.

Here, we will take a look at prices of some of the popular wheelchairs in the country. For convenience, we will classify these wheelchairs according to their types; manual and electric wheelchairs.

Prices of Manual Wheelchairs in Zambia

  • Drive Medical Wheelchair: KW60, 000 – KW90, 000
  • 1001 Wheelchair: KW45, 000 – KW60, 000
  • Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair: KW190, 000 – KW200, 000
  • Rough Ride Wheelchair with control: KW250, 000 – KW290, 000
  • Elegant Surgicals Wheelchair: KW60, 000 – KW70, 000

The list above highlights prices of popular wheelchair brands in Zambia. However, some wheelchairs in Zambia are not attributed to popular brands or any brand at all. In fact, some of the wheelchairs are locally assembled. On the average, generic wheelchairs cost between KW45, 000 – KW300, 000 depending on their features, quality, durability and effectiveness.

Prices of Electric Wheelchairs in Zambia

Electric or power wheelchairs are always generally more expensive than the manual ones. This is because they boast of more technical features and are basically more comfortable to use. These wheelchairs are not very popular in this part of the world but still has its market among the high class. The list below shows the few brands that are common in Zambia.

  • Leo Power Wheelchair: KW700, 000 – KW1.2 million
  • Palsy Power Wheelchair: KW450, 000 – KW780, 000
  • On the average, electric chairs cost between KW600, 000 – KW3 million

Generally, the variation in the prices of wheelchairs is as a result of some factors which include the general features, model, currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase and other basic factors.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wheelchair

  • Consider your budget
  • Consider the material the wheelchair is made of.
  • Consider the durability of the wheelchair
  • Consider how easy the wheelchair is to use.
  • Consider the ease of maintenance.

1. Are there any government programs that provide assistance for purchasing wheelchairs?

Yes, the Zambian government has some programs that offer assistance for purchasing wheelchairs. One such program is the Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD), which provides assistive devices and equipment to persons with disabilities.

2. Can insurance cover the cost of a wheelchair?

Some health insurance companies in Zambia offer coverage for mobility aids like wheelchairs. You can contact your insurance provider to find out if they cover the cost of a wheelchair.

3. Are electric wheelchairs more expensive than manual wheelchairs?

Yes, electric wheelchairs are usually more expensive than manual wheelchairs. Electric wheelchairs have more advanced features and technology, making them more costly than basic manual wheelchairs.

As a result, Zambian wheelchair prices vary. The top 10 wheelchairs in Zambia provide a variety of choices and pricing to meet the demands of disabled people. The Zambian government and several insurance companies help buy wheelchairs. To choose the best wheelchair purchase, consider user requirements and wheelchair characteristics.

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