Also known as POP cement, white cement is used to produce white concrete for attractive and classy construction projects as well as building decorations. Before now, it’s not so widely used in Zambia, but the demand is now on the increase due to increasing demand for POP ceilings, pillars, parapets, brightly colored concrete and mortars as well as pre-cast panels.

And just so you know, white cement is also used to make building decorations that come in other bright and attractive colors such as red, blue, yellow, and so on. For this to be achieved, the cement is simply mixed with coloring agents. But the same cannot be done with ordinary cement, as it will produce a dull output due to its natural dull color.

white cement price in zambia

If you’re wondering what makes white cement different from the gray cement that is more widely used, you’d be surprised that there’s not so much — except for the color. White cement comes in that color simply because it contains little or no iron or manganese when compared with ordinary cement. These substances give ordinary cement its gray color.

Current price of white & POP cement in Zambia

White cement is far more expensive than ordinary cement, and that’s why it’s not used for routine construction works. In terms of rough comparison, a 25kg bag of white cement is more expensive here in Zambia than a 50kg bag of ordinary cement. So, you can imagine how significant the price difference is.

Now, let’s look at the current prices of white cement in Zambia.

  • Small bag of white cement (5kg) === KW1,500 – KW2,500
  • Super White Cement (25kg) === KW7,500 – KW9,000
  • High Quality White Cement (40kg) === KW12,000 – KW18,000
  • POP cement (40kg) === KW5,500 – KW6,000

The prices of white cement in Zambia vary based on a number of factors. These include package quantity, product quality, and brand, and location. It goes without saying that a 40kg bag of white cement would be more expensive than a 25kg bag. And just as we have slight differences in the price of ordinary cement among the major manufacturers in Zambia, there are differences in the price of white cement from manufacturer to manufacturer. Location is another major determinant of prices of products and services in Zambia, and white cement is no exception. You’d certainly pay more for a bag of white cement in places like Lusaka and Lusaka than you’d do in places like Daura or Oshogbo.

POP cement in Zambia: Other important things you need to know

White cement or POP cement is not as strong as ordinary cement. And that’s because the ingredients that give ordinary cement its exceptional strength have been removed from white cement in order to keep its color white. So, even if you’re rich enough to afford it, you simply cannot use white cement for constructing the main structures of a building. It’s simply for decorative designs.

White cement is being marketed in Zambia with different descriptions. Some call it POP cement simply because it’s more commonly used for POP casts. And some call it “white cement for tiles” because it’s used to fill out gaps after tiling floors and walls. So, don’t get confused by these different names; they all refer to the same product.

Finally, because white cement is significantly more expensive than ordinary cement, it’s strongly advised that you buy only what you need of it at a time. You sure don’t want a situation where you’d buy more than you need and then run into storage problems. A little exposure to weather elements and your white cement is rendered useless. So, get your estimations right before hitting the market.

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