How many times have you gone to someone’s house and the first thing you glance at is the window? Over a dozen times right? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Most of the time, you may not even realize what made you look at the window. This is usually because of three things; it is either there were no blinds covering the window or the blinds are not attractive at all, or maybe the blinds are so beautiful that it catches your attention even without you knowing. Such is the power of a window blind.

Installing window blinds come with lots more advantages than you can imagine. Window blinds are not just used to shade windows, they add elegance and style to the house. The beauty of window blinds is that they can be easily customized to the taste of the user. They are available in different types and styles. Although some still prefer curtains in their homes, high class window blinds have ways of making the house look more cozy and lively. Another advantage window blinds hold over curtains is that they can be used anywhere. They can be comfortably used in offices, living rooms, bathrooms, and in any other environment.

window blind prices in zambia

Window blinds are available in different materials and styles. They include Wood Window Blinds, Aluminum Window Blinds, Fabric Window Blinds, Shades, Drapes, Valances and much more. Some types of window blinds can be installed in a way as to reduce noise from outside. Window blinds can be operated by hands with cords dangling out of them. They could also be operated off remote controls that offer them a motorized way of controlling the movement of windows.

The market for window blinds have drastically increased in recent years in Zambia. In fact, window blinds are among the most sought after interior products in the country. Thanks to the dynamism in their functionality, they are growing in popularity every single day.

In this post, we will take a look at prices of various types of window blinds available in the market today.

Prices of Window Blinds in Zambia

Window blinds are available in different sizes and types, hence, they vary in prices. Generally, their prices depend heavily on the type and design of the ones you are going for. In most cases, wooden window blinds are more expensive than blinds made from some other materials. Also, the sizes of window blinds have a lot to do with the eventual prices they go for in the market.

Window blinds can be purchased directly from the manufacturers or distributors across the country. For convenience, they can also be purchased via online stores and other window blind stores around.

Window blinds are available different types, colours and designs. Let us take a look at the prices of various types in the market today.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds Price in Zambia

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are often used in rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and in offices. They are available in 25mm and 50mm slats although the 25mm slats are more common in Zambia. Aluminium window blinds come in different colours and designs. They are also referred to as mini blinds. They are one of the cheapest types of window blinds available and are flexible in their functionality. They are relatively strong and are durable if maintained properly.   Here are the prices of aluminium window blinds in Zambia.

  • Aluminium Window Blind 25mm slat: KW4, 500 – KW6, 000 per square meter
  • Aluminium Window Blind 50mm slat: KW6, 000 – KW7, 500 per square meter

Wooden Venetian Blinds Price in Zambia

Wooden Venetian Blinds are the most stylish window blinds available today. Apart from the fact that they adequately cover your window, they add special elegance and calmness to your house. They are mostly used in the living rooms. They are commonly sold with 50mm slats but are also available in 25mm slats. Wooden Venetian Blinds are a perfect choice for large windows and are suitable for most windows in the home. The only area to avoid is places where there is moisture in the air like bathrooms and kitchens. Here are prices of wooden window blinds in Zambia.

  • Wooden Venetian Blinds 25mm: KW10, 000 – KW12, 000 per square meter
  • Wooden Venetian Blinds 50mm: KW11, 000 – KW13, 000 per square meter

Things to Consider Before Buying Window Blinds

The market for window blinds has expanded over the past few years. Due to high demand of the product, there are now various types and sizes of in the market. The diverse options available in the market today has only made it more difficult for one to choose a particular window blind. Since window blinds are available in various colors and designs, it is important to know the exact type of window blind that fits your purpose of buy.

There are many factors that should decide the type of window blinds you buy. Some of these factors include:

  • Consider the Materials: Depending on your situation, some window blind materials are more suitable than others. If the windows are exposed to direct sunlight for a large part of the day, it is advisable to go for materials that absorb some of this heat. Wooden venetian blinds leave the interior temperature intact and are energy efficient window treatment options. Similarly, in zones with moist air such as bathrooms and kitchens, it is important to do for materials that are water resistant.
  • Consider Privacy Control: Privacy and light controls are another huge factor to consider when selecting a blind. You may want to completely block out light for a more comfortable sleep or decide to let in some light to enjoy nature during the day. Some blinds are designed in a way that you can easily go from full light to complete blackout. Wooden venetian blinds are more advisable in this situation.
  • Consider ease of Maintenance: At some point, you will need to clean your window blind. Go for window blinds that are very easy to clean. The materials they are made of most of the time determine how easy they are to clean.

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